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I could cry with a little help from my..

hot_rod Member Posts: 21,850
homeowner' pet! Turned my back for two minutes and Fluffy had hauled and mauled this dual stat.

Good thing there wasn't a wood fired boiler on this job :)

hot rod

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Bob "hot rod" Rohr
trainer for Caleffi NA
Living the hydronic dream


  • Jackchips
    Jackchips Member Posts: 344
    Hey hot rod,

    that's not Fluffy. She was a jet black mongrel and had 13 pups when I was about 12. Of coarse, that was around 1958.
  • Tom M.
    Tom M. Member Posts: 237
    dog damage

    Had a no heat call years ago where about 10" of the oil line was chewed completely flat. Luckily, it didn't leak a drop.
  • Hot Rod you will not believe this

    that dog looks just like my dog whose name just happens to be "Fluffy" she has a twin. I just showed my wife the picture she thought I had taken a picture of our dog.
  • TJ
    TJ Member Posts: 18
    Feeding time

    That looks just like the type of little dog that the retiries in my neighborhood have been feeding to the mountain lion thats been stalking our area of late - inadvertantly of coarse. Fluffy, Fie Fie, Snowball, Snowy - all names for what's on the big cats diet of late.

    My wife saw the big cat the other night while driving home, and from her description of the size of the cat - we won't be going outside the house after the sun goes down!
  • Dave Springer
    Dave Springer Member Posts: 18
    Larry King Live

    Is that the same dog that I saw with Liz Taylor on Larry King Live the other night?
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