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Burnham Revolution

Dana Member Posts: 126
I posted a message about a month ago regarding Taco pump failures on the Burnham Revolution and Weil GV. Got a nice reply from g stanton at Burnham that they were aware and were working with Taco to resolve the problem. The pump inside the jackets on the boiler loop is failing. I,ve replaced 3 more since that post for a total of 11 this season. I've replaced 2 on Weils GV boiler. All are less than 2 years old and all piping is fine. Anyone else running into this. Just replaced 1 yesterday on the only boiler I actually installed. Been in 3 months. Boiler was supplied by local gas company. 6 zone system. These pumps are siezing I believe due to heat. Some actually work when they cool down, some are siezed completely.


  • I'm curious

    What part of the country is this happening in?

  • Dana

    Check your e-mail for the latest update on this situation.

    Glenn Stanton

    Burnham Hydronics
  • Dana
    Dana Member Posts: 126

    Boston. I was thinking it may have been some bad circs. on boilers that got shipped to this area. Like I said, I've had a couple on Weils boiler also. Would love to know if others are having this problem and where they are from. Its been so cold here for so long that it may be partly the reason because all systems out here are running pretty much non stop. Maybe they should consider this if they are still working the problem. Some of these pumps will run after they cool or if I hot wire them bypassing the control that varies their speed. If I can get them spinning they will usually stay running for 5 or 10 minutes before I shut the system down and replace the circ. altogether. I'm now putting a line item on the bill to the customer stating that I will not warrantee the new pump.
  • We had the same problem

    several years back on the Trianco Heatmaker internal circulators overheating and seizing up. It was a case of too high an immediate temperature hitting the pump as it came out of the coil. Relocating the pump on those units I believe was the solution. Maybe the folks at Laars can give better insight, Bert Walters and Jim McKinney are still with Laars I believe and they handled the problem back then at Trianco.

    You can in touch with Joan from Laars at www.laars.com
  • Dana
    Dana Member Posts: 126

    Havn't seen anything yet Glenn. Awaiting it eagerly. Thanks for the quick response. Dana
  • Dana
    Dana Member Posts: 126

    Thought of that but, given the pumps location it would be tough.
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