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Exquisite Heat Review

Need reviews !!!???If you haven't tried it you should take a look. I am looking for reviews for my new product. I am saving 25-30% fuel with the control on my hot water system.

I am most interested in information about boiler condensation and flue gas condensation in the chimney. There is a lot of folk lore out there. With this control it is critical and very relevent. The lower we can actually go the more the savings, especially in spring and fall.

check it out, and get back to me. I need your critique.
Be sure to look at the downloads on page one. Thank you!!


  • Bob Tonner
    Bob Tonner Member Posts: 64
    Condensing efficiency....


    Could you tell us a bit more about the theory of operation of your device? I find it a little hard to follow the data.

    Best regards,

    Bob Tonner,
    InfinityLab Inc.
  • John Cockerill
    John Cockerill Member Posts: 94
    Steam Control

    Controlling Steam with Exquisite Heat? 02/03/03

    It would appear that the steam takes a rather fixed time to get up to the radiators. While in the radiators the steam will go into condensation, depending on the requirements of the room.
    The thermostat activity can tell how well the BTU transfer is going. If the analysis shows too much thermostat activity, the fire time of the boiler can be extended. Safety and correlation could be measured with a pressure transducer at the boiler. Experience would reveal the relationship between pressure at the transducer, thermostat activity and the time to satisfy steam at the radiator. By controlling the fire time periods within reasonable limits, the algorithm could ratchet the system over time, as called for by the periodic thermostat analysis.
    The thermostat would call for heat and get it at the fire time adjustment from the previous analysis period. If the thermostat activity during and analysis period goes high, then the algorithm adjusts fire time upward proportionately. If the thermostat analysis goes low then the algorithm adjusts the fire time downward. Once the increments of change are in sink with the heat loss of the building, the adjustment process can fly on autopilot with the hourly analysis of the thermostat.
    Individual building system requirements and the installer are able to control the limit adjustments in menu.
  • John Cockerill
    John Cockerill Member Posts: 94

    The power Point is best accessed from Internet Explorer. If you do not have PPT Open the file while in the website and IE will show you, then print slides you want.
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