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Hot water boiler

older American Standard cast iron boilers--appearantly a close spacing in sections that scaled up and actually causes small bits of water to explode into steam, I have changed out several of them over the years, and have seen many of the same era and model that do not have the problem, American Standard quit making booilers shortly after this problem started showing up (no absolute connection) The boilers were jacketed in light brown w/ a black Diverter. The problem usually starts out as a rather quiet popping sound and eventually gets very loud and annoying albeit not dangerous. Replacement seems top be the only remedy. I once came upon a very noisy ( same kind of sound) in an old Weil McLain boiler and using a pump/bucket system recirculated a strong solution of muratic acid through the system for about four hours. the noise went away and has never returned (that was 8 years ago). The house belonged to a freind and he says all is still fine. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as it was very messy and required lots of time and effort to bring the system back to proper ph etc.


  • Frank HumrFrank Humr Member Posts: 3
    Hot water boiler

    I have a customer with a hot water heating system. He is getting what sounds like water hammering coming from the boiler itself.I cycled the system several times and checked for proper operation of the aquastat. The system turned off at 180 degrees which is where the aquastst was set at. The pressure remained at between 12 and 16 psi. My conclusion is that there is a large amount of scale on the bottom of the boiler causing some water to boil. If this is right, what is the best course of action? Opening the drain will only drain a small area of the bottom of the boiler and not remove very much scale at all. Thank you for any replies,
    Frank Humr
  • jg2700jg2700 Member Posts: 21

    what kind of water is feeding the boiler is it well water or city is the boiler percalating sounds is it cast or steel.
  • Frank HumrFrank Humr Member Posts: 3

    It is city water and the boiler is cast iron. I never heard the sound myself. The sound was described to me by the customer like someone was hitting the pipes with a hammer.It never made any unusual sounds when I was there. He stated at first he thought the banging was comming from the pipes upstairs. Then he narrowed down to the boiler itself. Thank you for taking interest in my problem.
    Frank Humr
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