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How much do you charge?

Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
Thank you George!!

Mark H

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  • Bruce Garcia
    Bruce Garcia Member Posts: 1
    How much do you charge?

    I know that it "depends" on a lot of different factors, but to all of you contractors out there that specialize in spot heating, can you give me an idea how much you charge($$/sqft)such as in a:
    Staple-up no plates tight crawl space 40-400 Sqft,
    staple-up w/ plates ample crawl space 40-400 sqft,
    quick track on top of subfloor 40-400 sqft,
    Wall heating,
    ceiling heat,
    Being a factory rep for radiant floor I get asked that question all the time.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Bruce Garcia
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909

    I would rather reps stay out of this area.

    I had a rep in this area that was quoting numbers that were half of what I charge.

    I finally asked him one day if he would like it if I called his boss and told him how much the rep should make.

    As soon as you tell someone a "price per sqft" number they will store it as fact. It won't matter what the install is like or what the control system is. There was a home improvement show that said a radiant system would cost $2.00/sqft !! And I got EVERY SINGLE person that saw it at my booth during a home show and they all had THAT number in their heads. Reality did not sit well with most of them.

    Mark H

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  • ta finnegan
    ta finnegan Member Posts: 121

    "Mail order pricing" as I like to call it is dangerous. When a homeowner says: "Just a ballpark, nothing that I will hold you to." they are fibbing!

    It's like saying to a surgeon: "Hey, about how much for a kidney transplant...just ballpark?"

    Get it designed first, I make people pay for my designs. Once it is all laid out, then get bids on a specification, then you know at least you have a fighting chance of comparing "apples to apples"

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  • George Peteya
    George Peteya Member Posts: 34
    How much ...

    Mark, as a sales rep it is none of my business what you charge. While the HO thinks it's just labor, I think the contractor's brains and experience are worth something too. It's also not my business what you pay the wholesaler for materials. It's also impossible for me to calculate what it costs you to run your business. Do you have one truck or ten? Do you have lots of employees or does your wife answer the phone and do the bookkeeping? Have you and your employees spent time and money attending schools (Example: tekmar) to keep your knowledge current? Et cetera ... Finally, it's not my place to pass judgement on your idea of a fair profit. If you want to retire before your back and knees give out, no one should take issue with that. So when a homeowner (or HO acting as GC) asks me for a square foot price, they get nothin'! When a contractor who's new to radiant asks, then I'll ask them to consider their cost of doing business, their level of experience, et cetera again ... bottom line, my opinion is that no one but the contractor should quote installed cost to the end user.
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