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Rad size

These are single pipe steam Radiators.

Yes, I agree, I have hit the design limits. Never seen it before. But since several Radiators were removed, I want to put some back.

I wanted to do the calculations my self, and then use them to double check the the heating company that I call to pipe them in.

Where I live, Find a Contractor does not find many of you folks that will make the drive.

So to get a fair bid, I have to use folks that never heard of the book, Lost Art, nor this website.

So, can you tell me the EDR on the pictured units?



  • jack_4
    jack_4 Member Posts: 43
    Time to do the calculations!

    Time to do the calculations!

    I’ve lived in this house for 6 years. With your help, heat has never been an issue, until this winter. As it has hit record cold here and will for the rest of the week, it is clear that my boiler is running at the top end limit and I can just hold the house at 67. Re-modeling projects have removed 3 radiators and one room addition has just one token radiator installed.

    It is time I calculate my system, check my boiler size and make a plan.

    What is the rating for these two radiators? Do you need a better picture? I’m pretty sure the one on the yellow wall has 3 vertical tubes.
  • Gary Fereday
    Gary Fereday Member Posts: 427
    Calculations ?

    Hate to say this, but you have hit the design temp. of your house when it was built! If you want to calculate a way to be warmer easily (not cheaper) just insulate the place. Windows, dual ot triple paynes. 2 feet of blown in insulation in the attic, and somehow insulate the walls. Blower door test and tighten up the infiltration. Oh yes more rads and a bigger boiler will do the trick also, however that will cost more in fuel. I just did the window thing here and am amazed at the difference. good luck bigugh
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Bigugh is right!

    I have been swamped with calls from folks that are having some problems with systems that have never given them a moments worry before this winter.

    In a few instances there were things that we as a heating company could do to repair the situation, but there have been more where the issue is shell related.

    If you lower the heat demand for your home rather than increase the heat output you will save money and enjoy more comfort.

    Find someone in your area that can perform an energy audit and then consider increasing the thermal blanket for your home.

    Mark H

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  • Dana
    Dana Member Posts: 126

    If your boiler is fired continuously, another words it never shuts off, its maxed. If the boiler is cycling off and on and the circulators are running continuously pumping hot 180 degree water out to the system, the boiler is doing more than its job. The problem is out in the system.
  • George Berkeley
    George Berkeley Member Posts: 40
    The shell

    I have done a ton of work on the shell. Lots of insulation, foam sealer, all new Pella windows.

    Given that the Radiators were removed, I can put them back. This can be improved.

    Temps tonight are going down to single digit. Wow.

    The bolier is working exactly as in the book. It fires to the pressure point of 1.5 and shuts down. Just kinda sit around and waits for the radiators to cool off and demand steam. When the pressure drops to .5 it fires back up again and pumps out the steam.

    Kinda cool to watch it work and read the book at the same time.
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