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Draft Hood vs Barometric

this back for some more discussion.


  • Draft hoods or Barometrics

    First let me be very careful to state that I am fully aware of using barometrics on gas equipment. I have been using them for years on Conversion Burners. What I get concerned about is that there have been postings here on the Wall that may give the impression that this can be done any time by anyone. That is not correct. If you are going to replace a draft hood on a designed piece of equipment there are some things you need to have done.

    1. You need to have been to a recognized training program on gas combustion, I do not intend to discuss oil here.

    2. Field controls has a number of reports and literature you need to get hold of. They are

    Report # FT-C-07-93

    Report # FT-C-12-93

    Report # FT-C-13-93

    Field reports 4067 (1995)

    4068 (1988)

    4069 (1995)

    4255 (KP) 1995

    and Form 4249

    In addition and i quote from Field report Form 4068
    Question 4. What governs the selection of draft controls over draft hoods?

    Answer: According to the American National Standards Institute, "Automatic draft regulators incorporating a double-acting gate pivoting on knife edges may be installed in lieu of draft hoods only when conditions, such as lack of space, restricted flue travel, poor chimney draft or other related problems, make the use of a draft hood impractable , AND THE USE OF SUCH DEVICES ARE ACCEPTABLE TO THE AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION OVER THE INSTALLATION."

    Again do not misunderstand me I am not saying that it can not be done what I am saying is you better know what you are doing and you better have permission from local authority and the manufacturer. You are leaving yourself wide open for a law suit otherwise. The worst thing could be someones loss of life.

    It has been my experince that there are many things you can do to correct problems of venting and drafting before doing a design change to the equipment.

    Having worked for a gas utility who for many years was given the authority over gas installations by the Fire Marshall and Dept of Regulation we have over seen many of these changeovers. They were authorized and tested extensivley. There was also documentation to protect the contractor.

    There is a very interesting aspect of all of this which keeps coming up here on the Wall, that is CONDENSATE. Field has a solution for some of this. It is using a Barometric Draft Control when venting gas mid-efficency heating equipment. In fact some manufacturers instructions recently actually show a draft control being used with a power venter to balance air flow for better operation and efficiency. One of the advantages is that it lowers the dew point of flue gases thereby eliminating the possibilty of condensate problems.

    I am posting this as always not to get into a debate but to educate. I like rhymes by the way EDUCATE NOT DEBATE. I am trying as always to help you out. Remember a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous, get the whole picture before you just do it because you read it on the Wall.


  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Right you are Timmie

    We all need to be careful of what we post here.

    I like the rhyme too!!

    Mark H

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  • Jackchips
    Jackchips Member Posts: 344

    stated, as always Tim.
  • Look at Draft Diverters revisited

    Hmmm I wonder.
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    You da Man Tim

    Its our benifit to have you here on the wall.

    Keep up the good work and hold that gas flame high.


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  • John Ruhnke1
    John Ruhnke1 Member Posts: 154
    Life or Death.....

    Guys, we are talking about life or death.

    I took the NCI class. Jim Davis has been tunning boilers for over 30 years. That is all he did. Jim has worked with every piece of equipment out there and tested it, YES HE FIELD TESTED IT. Jim says the safest way is with a barometric draft control. With a draft hood can you guarrentee that CO won't ever back up or flow the wrong way in a heater? Jim says the chance of flue gas spillage is much greater with a draft hood than a barometric draft control. I believe him. Are the lawyers,code officials, manufacterers or contractors responsible for these peoples lives. It is us technicians. The legal ease in all the contracts says that the manufacterer is not responsible for field conditions, neither is the code writers or the code officials. Only the technician is responsible. When it comes to peoples lives, I will choose what is safest, not what people say who aren't even willing to take responsibility for there own dangerous actions.

    John Ruhnke

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