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what effect

I have been having alot of trouble on this system, two pipe vapor....ANYWAY I NOTICED TONIGHT THAT THE WET RETURN IS PIPIED INTO THE HARTFORD LOOP ABOVE THE WATER LINE....what effect might this have? the second problem is my rads heat across but not down?


  • That wet return might not

    be so wet after all . What can happen is steam might travel up the return the wrong way if the water level in the boiler gets lower than the Hartford Loop . What we do is drop the return down to the floor and bring it back up to tee into the Hartford Loop , making a trap that steam cant pass through the wrong way . And make sure the Hartford Loop tee is around 2 to 4 inches below the normal water line . If the tee is too high , the same problem might occur .
  • Chris Petersen
    Chris Petersen Member Posts: 4

    thanks i wil fix that straight away,...my second problem has me at wits end i replaced the traps on 5 of the 7 radiators in this apartment, these 5 still will not heat all the way down just across the top. the other 2 have no problem heating up, however i noticed they are pipied close to the beginning of the main. if it helps any the boiler is a 75,000 btu. could a end of main air vent help?
  • will smith
    will smith Member Posts: 4
    second problem

    Chris-My thought is that the root of your second problem is also the Hartford connection being above the water line. If you have steam from the boiler entering the dry return, the supply and return pressures are going to equalize-effectively stopping proper heat flow. Hope this helps.
  • Chris Petersen
    Chris Petersen Member Posts: 4

    I thank you both, i wont know until tomorrow i had to many calls to get to today, however when i opened up the return where it runs horizontal before the hartford loop, i got soaked, there must have been 3 gallons of water in there. now it gets interesting, so i filled the bioler within 10 minutes the water was gone, were did i find the water in that same return pipe? i will let you know what happens after i repipe it,...thanks again Chris
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