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Automag zone valves, I'm lost

Barry M
Barry M Member Posts: 1
I'm totally unfamiliar with them. Does anyone know what the operating characteristics are? What voltage do they need for the solonoid to open? I saw a 24v(40va)transformer, putting 26v ac into a 3/4 inch square plastic device, which put what I measured as 11.5v ac to a terminal board. nothing made any sense, I can't find anyone local that knows ANYTHING. The customer still doesn't have heat upstairs. Help, please


  • ta finnegan
    ta finnegan Member Posts: 121
    zone valves - low voltage.

    The voltage readings you are getting are always nominal. Just like when people say 220V but actual measured voltages come out to 240V in some cases. It's just a nominal voltage and actual measurements can vary.

    Did you measure 11-12V when the solenoid was energized or not? Sometimes trace voltage can slip past the transformer and you can get a screwy reading like this.

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  • scott price
    scott price Member Posts: 3
    automag valves

    they operate on 24V dc there should be a termnal bord some where around the boiler with a 24 volt transformer next to it.
    the termnal bord has a diode feeding a common termnal set. all the valves i have worked on are NORMALY OPEN they require power to close. if you do not use their thermostat, you MUST wire the stat. to power on temp rise. I beleve you can get rebuild kits for these valves. Maybe you should be looking at Taco zone valves as a replacment
  • John Penwarden_2
    John Penwarden_2 Member Posts: 18
    Automag zone valves

    I have these (and three of their tstats) in my house. Father-in-law swore by them because they were cheap, available (at a local supply house) and they failed open. They are from Jessup, PA. I can not find the actual company name, but if you want, I can scan and fax you the wiring diagrams for a typical 3/4" valve.

    My house has 5 of these, 3 of the automag tstats. It is a real pain in the but if you want to try and add programmable tstats to an automag system. Although mine work, I will be switching over to honeywell in a year or two. I read somwhere that a honeywell head would fit on an automag body. I have not checked this myself, but could prove worth while.
  • Troy_3
    Troy_3 Member Posts: 479
    Automag rules

    We use a couple hundred a year. I wouldn't use anything else. I think it is the best darn valve outthere. The new valves use 24v. ac. It can't get much simpler- they have 2 thermostat terminals, 2-power terminals and 2 end switch terminals. They fail open and have indicater lights to let you know if power is on and the second light tells you the zone is open. If you need the factory # I will get it to you. Just e-mail me.
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