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high efficiency boilers for apt bldgs?

ken_6 Member Posts: 33
love munchkins but have 2 weil 1386 boilers at 2.7 mil ibr
owner wants to replace with super high eff .getting $15,000
monthly bills

how about gas master?
any suggetions?


  • chris smith_2
    chris smith_2 Member Posts: 37
    high eff boiler

    can you find a fulton the correct size they run up around 97%

    chris smith
    paradise porter maine
  • munchkin-man
    munchkin-man Member Posts: 247
    Picture this a bank of 14 -199M Munckins

    delivering 2.7 mil btu's. All tied in to a exhausto venting system so as to vent in to one common vent. Staged differentails. What a mines picture. We have 9 like this in our lab its a beautiful thing. Nothing like backup. We are working on the big boy and it will be out by years end the 399. 10 to 1 Well Can't win them all.

    If you should need any thing e me
  • kf_2
    kf_2 Member Posts: 118
    Gasmaster only...

    has about 5-10 boilers installed in the country as far as I know and they have enormous pressure drops through the heat exchangers.

    Take a look a the Viessmann Vertomat. Fully condensing and modulating with efficiencies of 95% or higher depending on return water temps. Up to 3.3 million BTU/hr. They have been making this boiler for over twenty years with zero failures.

  • Boilerpro
    Boilerpro Member Posts: 410
    Have looked at baseloading?

    I'd look at keeping one or both existing boilers and baseload the system with some high efficiency boilers. Calculate the typical winter day heating load and size the new boilers to meet this load. I bet this will only be about a 1/4 the peak design load because occupants help keep the building warm. This would save a bundle on the installed cost and provide a very quick payback of teh investment. Set up this way the old boiler(s) would only be used about 10 days a year under extreme conditions or maybe during warmup from nightime sethacks....they'd probably last forever.

  • Michael B
    Michael B Member Posts: 179
    We are

    in the middle of suppling a school system with 27 Viessmann Vertomat boilers for 12 different schools. They are replacing existing old Kewanee's with 2,3, or 4 Vertomat boilers depending on load. We can stage, rotate, all boilers with on board Dekamatik controls. Fully condensing, fully modulating, no low limit, 316 titanium stabilized stainless steel (surgical grade). The two requirements for the school were low noise levels (they were used to the old powerburners going off like a rocket every few minutes) and high eff. The boilers are in their first season so it is a little early to pat ourselves on the back but so far the school system is over the rainbow. Viessmann was able to project a payback of 4 years on over 1,000,000 worth of boilers. That means that after the fourth year (if the caluclations are correct) they will see a 100,000 $$$ in savings annually. They can buy a lot of school supplies with the money saved!

    Michael Bleier
    Able Distributors
    "The Supplier That Works With You"
  • Jim_13
    Jim_13 Member Posts: 18
    Hot water, right?

    I believe you're interested in a hot water boiler. Am I correct? Have you ever looked at or considered a Patterson Kelly hot water boiler?
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