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too much heat

tombig Member Posts: 291
I've wrestled with this one too,1&1/2" gyp with hardwood floor! Remote manifold is the way to go. If it's slab on grade you could run soft K copper underground to another manifold. Are all those rooms individually controlled? If you have adjacent rooms on the same stat drill through the framing and route your S&R runs through the adjacent room. Tombig


  • j_4
    j_4 Member Posts: 59
    how to prevent overheating...

    ....if the manifold location requires 6 or 7 radiant zones be routed down a corridor and branch off to the various zones along the corridor, the tube spacing down the corridor is about 3-inch on center....this would overheat the corridor (interior space).....we've suggested 2 layers of bubble/foil on top of the tubing in addition to the under-tube insulation to prevent overheating....is this practical? ...would the concrete guys start the pouring the floor until the tubes are covered, then the radiant floor guys move in and lay down the bubble/foil, & then the concrete pour would be topped up??
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,793
    That's always a tough one

    seeing as you need little to no heat in that hallway! Anyway to put some remote manifolds an lose a bunch of the hall runs?

    Could you go up and over to remote manifold locations through the framing? Much easier to insulate and run through joists sometimes, than risk a overheat dilema.

    Is this slab on grade? How about some therma cell insulation around the pipes first. Make sure it is listed for ground contact (closed cell)

    That's going to be one warm hall way :) Good place for "radiant un-friendly" carpet and pad :)

    hot rod

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  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    Run the four farthest pairs through a single super-insulated pipe under the slab to emerge past the 3rd takeoff and heat the far end of the hall. Heat the visible portion of the hall using the closest three runs.
  • j_4
    j_4 Member Posts: 59
    good suggestions...

    thanks for the suggestions, amigos....the radiant un-friendly carpet & pad is the most painless.....no room for a remote manifold, but we'll probably cheat a bit & slide some of the interior 180 bend inboard & run some of the pairs now shown in the hall in the room interior next to the wall, or insulate the pairs & run them overhead

    thanks again

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