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\"what can you do to help naohsm\"

I'm confident that as friends, members and professionals of naohsm, there is a lot you can do. As many of you know from the last board of directors meeting John Griffin and I are working on increasing the traffic at naohsm's bulletin board <B>(Shop Talk)</b> Like many of the technical web sites in our industry this can be a very valuable tool and I hate to see it shut down due to lack of participation and/or interest.<BR><BR>One of the things I feel the board has been missing is the lack of responses. When we do have a visitor. If you don't answer they figure you're not home? And after they find you're not home a couple of times they stop visiting. Are my making sense? Sure I am :)<BR><BR>Even if you don't have an answer to a question we as group should certainly know someone who does. So why not respond and say "Hey that's a good question I'll see if so and so can help us." Now we have at least acknowledged our visitor and made their stop to the site a pleasant experience.<BR><BR>Ok I'll stop rambling on now. What John and I had in mind is for one person to monitor the board, one I day per week, and respond to any inquires we have.<BR><BR>You would be required only to check the board, say three or four times a day once a week. Once in the morning, again early afternoon, then just before leaving work and again in the evening. Not a lot of time would be involved and it may give you satisfaction of helping someone out there. After all isn't that what naohsm is all about? Education. <BR><BR>Listen I know all of don't have the time (especially in the winter) and I also know, respect and appreciate there are many other ways you already help our organization. But there has to be enough of us able to cover this. John and I have already recruited some of the industries finest members. So, why not join us? and when you pick a day don't be hesitate to stop by on days other than your scheduled one. <BR><BR>Ok you ready to give back to the industry that gives us so much. Lets do this!<BR><BR>If you would like to participate in this please e-mail my dear friend John Griffin a note about what day or days you would be available. Please give him a few days to choose one from. John's E:mail is: <b>[email protected]</b><BR><BR>Thanks for your consideration in our efforts.<BR><BR>
Your friend in the industry,<BR><BR>
Alan R. Mercurio
NAOHSM - Education Committee<BR><BR><a href=""> Oil Tech Talk</a>
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