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Dunkirt Quantum 90

Wethead7 Member Posts: 170
one Q90 dunkirk, one hydropluse m-100, one glowcore 105 or something( can not rember it just works), and large burnam.
The Q90 I installed as test unit. This product has worked fine in over 30 months on ignitor problems.
I have installed all of these units in my home as test units before selling any to customers. The only unit I would not recomend is the hydropulse. These units are all curently installed. The controls (tekmar) start the glowcore first, second stage is the Q-90. third stage if it starts is the hydrotherm. The final stage is the burnham. The burnham unit able to heat the whole house and do a melt at the same time. The problem is that it will over heat the house in mild weather. The gas bill that comes with operating the burnham is not cheap. The unit can go through three hundred (300) MCF IN A MONTH.

Each unit has it's own problems when installed. But properly done they work well. The book that comes with the unit is not packing material. Read and follow the instructions and things work good.


  • Callinsky
    Callinsky Member Posts: 2
    Condensing Boiler

    I am in the process of building a new house with RFH. We are considering the Dunkirk Quantum 90 gas boiler. Any pros or cons I should consider?
  • Michael B
    Michael B Member Posts: 179

    they have been out for awhile so they probably have the kinks worked out. Cons, short line (2 BTU ranges I think) large for a condensing boiler and I don't think they have any built in outdoor reset capabilities. I am a little biased because I sell Viessmann Vitodens for this application.
  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller Member Posts: 115

    We've used quite a few with buffer tanks and haven't had any problems expept for an ignitor on one we didn't use a buffer tank. They are kinda heavy and have a flimsy jacket, other than that, a great boiler!

  • Boilerpro
    Boilerpro Member Posts: 410

    > I am in the process of building a new house with

    > RFH. We are considering the Dunkirk Quantum 90

    > gas boiler. Any pros or cons I should consider?

  • Boilerpro
    Boilerpro Member Posts: 410
    Dunkirk Q-90

    Ignitor failures seem to be a problem. I just put in my second replacement in 18 months in the unit I have in use. This second ignitor lasted about 12 months to the day.. I now keep a spare at the customers home. Boiler is used for DHW and 2 zones underfloor radiant, 1 zone concrete radiant, and one zone baseboard. The complete system is controlled by a tekmar 370 house control. From comments posted here previously, ignitor failures are much too common on these boilers. I believe Dunkirk is working on a solution, but not sure if they have one yet.

  • Massplumber
    Massplumber Member Posts: 8

    Installed 16 Dunkirks-Q 90's last summer, mostly all q90-100's for a guy converting 3- family's into condo's outside Boston. Gas company gave him the units for switching to gas, at 220 lbs one man could move them very easy and pipe one up in a day, venting w/ 2" pvc was nice too. My names on all the boilers... no call backs yet but listening to you guy's I think I"ll buy an ignitor to keep on the truck. 90% eff for a 1/3 less than a munchkin...I'm sold.
  • Wayco Wayne
    Wayco Wayne Member Posts: 615
    Have one

    running for 2 years in Wah DC. Am on my 3rd ignitor. I need a Buffer tank. It short cycles like a Muv. (whatever a muv is?) :) When I control the short cycling I think I'll like it better. It seems to me a simple cycle protector on the ignition controls would be of great benefit. WW

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  • Jamie Pompetti
    Jamie Pompetti Member Posts: 82

    Glad to here you guys have not been having many problems w/ them maybe they finally worked the kinks out. We had a really bad ignition problem w/ one we had put in. Finally, Dunkirk sent us all the (insides) of the boiler to be replaced. Everything but the block. I then got billed for the stuff by them. They also promised the h/o a five year extended warrenty on the boiler and billed me for that too. All this put a really bad taste in my mouth. So I started looking around for a good boiler thats been around for awhile. We started selling Buderus boilers and I love them. But it all comes down to a matter of opinion.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.

    Jamie Pompetti
  • ken_6
    ken_6 Member Posts: 33

    costs less than munch? i get m80 for 500 less
    than q90-100. q90 about the same as m140?????????
    EDDIE GRIERSON_2 Member Posts: 32
    Dunkirk 90

    We have installed three of them. No ignitor problems yet. Knock on wood. However I am going to get one in stock. I have noticed the short cycling even with tekmar controls. Cabinent could be better. Overall pretty nice boiler. However I want to try a Munchkin.
  • Boilerpro
    Boilerpro Member Posts: 410
    Long cycles in staged installation increase ignitor life

    Since you have a staged installation the ignitor goes through very few cylces so it lasts much longer than normal. In a single stage application the ignitors don't last long. The unit I have installed is by the book and is having ignitor failures. Adding a buffer tank also decreases cycling, which those that have not had ignitor problems have done. This however, is not in the installation instructions. The problem appears to be a design defect, conmplicated by the fact that low mass boilers tend to short cycle.

  • Wethead7
    Wethead7 Member Posts: 170

    I have installed several hundred units in customers homes with no problems. The shortcycling might be to large of unit. We have not had a problem. Single and a few multistage installs. You might need to contact the rep. and underfire the unit.

    We have had to do this on several waterheaters. I do not rember the brands. They did have shortcycling problems. These where some odd things. Vented with PVC and started with a glow bar. Stainless steel I think. But it has been a couple of years.

    If I rember correctly the Q-90 size change is the orfice and the rating plate.

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