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Asphalt and snowmelt?

goes together and works well if properly installed,we installed one at our office, the area is 3500 sq ft. we are from southern maine and has worked fine for 4 years now.though the first year was a learning curve and needed some tweeking.


  • Dale W.
    Dale W. Member Posts: 41
    Do they go together?

    I just looked at a job that has an asphalt driveway. The GC said his asphalt man has someone who can put in snow melt by putting the tubing on top of the old asphalt and laying new asphalt over it.

    What would he use?

    Has anyone done this?

    I suggested taking out the driveway and putting in concrete.

    Thanks for any help.

    Dale W.
  • Dale W.
    Dale W. Member Posts: 41
    What type of tubing?

    Pex, rubber, copper, steel ?

    Did you imbed the tubing in sand or stones?

    Why didn't the rolling machine squash the hot tubing?

    Dale W.
  • KCA_2
    KCA_2 Member Posts: 305
    Asphalt & snowmelt

    Well.... A few considerations.
    The heat of the asphalt is such that the tube embedded in it would probably melt. So... Tube..+-2" of sand or crushed rock bedding... Asphalt.
    Under the tube a 2" (R15+-) insulation board W/ reflective coating. (I'm toying with a paint right now. It's reflective and I'm trying it in my office but it is disolvable in water)By the way.. EVOH is also disolvable in water. So.. Chemicals please..
    While they are pouring the asphalt run a cool water through the tube.
    What if they overlay the asphaly again.. and again..
    That's one of the reasons for the insulation. But the overlays could eventually be an issue.

    :-) Kca
    :-) Ken
  • roger provencher
    roger provencher Member Posts: 14
    no problem

    with the installation whatsoever, first we started with a good base of clean gravel,no large stones.we then installed a vapor barrier,on top of that we installed some blueboard for insulation. We then laid our mesh and tied our PEX tubing, we used Rehau for this installation.then we buried the pex in stone dust covering the PEX with about an inch over the tubing, taking care to install the temp sensor for the Tekmar operating control at this time. pressurized the system to 100 PSI and had a three to four inch layer of asphalt installed, the asphalt crew used all the equipment that they normally used,we had no leaks or blockages. system operates well going into it's fifth season.glycol mix heated with a 500,000 btu heat exchanger, controlled by a Tekmar snow melt control, a concrete driveway was not a pratical installation for our 3500 sq ft driveway
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