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One Pipe steam system suction???

Don_2 Member Posts: 47
The near boiler piping. Sounds like to me someone has
left out a checkvalve or the equalizer piping,or the
equalizer is not size properly.
Dan has a great book that can explain it all,Its call the lost art of steam heating,Its been my life jacket when I get over my head.


  • Adam Abelew
    Adam Abelew Member Posts: 1
    One Pipe suction problem on steam system (sort of long)

    I have Burnham IP5 series installed for steam system and has been hammering since installation. I have re-pitched piping and replaced some fittings. Now I have created an interesting scenerio. I have pressuretrol set at 1.5psi/0.5psi. When the boiler burner turns on, the water from inside the boiler runs vertical up the return side of the "first loop" of the system. This happens before any sizable pressure occurs (gage reads 0psi). I can feel and hear the water running thru the pipes and since the main is 2" and the wet return is 1 1/4", the boiler runs dry and the low water cut-off turns the boiler off. once the water drains back thru the return and re-fills the boiler the cycle starts again. Since this started, I have turned off the "auto" water fill to avoid overfilling the boiler.

    Any ideas? I think possibly the steam output is causing a venturi and "sucking" water up. Is this posible? Why did it just start? Can I stop this by adding a vent to the return loop?

    I realize there are many questions here, but I would appreciate any help that someone could provide.

  • Scott G.
    Scott G. Member Posts: 15
    It sounds like...

    Your water level might be below the hartford loop connection. If thats the case steam could flow thru the loop into the return piping... thats not good! Water level should be 2"-4" Above hartford loop connection... and remember to use a xtra-hvy. close nip there ...Good luck Scott G.
  • antman
    antman Member Posts: 182

    Sounds like the boiler water needs to be flushed. Surging can be caused by oils in the sytem, Assuming that the boiler is new the oil from the castings and near boiler piping are in the system and need to be removed. Read through your Burnham owners manual and you will see the importance of this procces as well as instructions for doing so.

    Hope this helps, Ant

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  • Don_2
    Don_2 Member Posts: 47
    Its always

    The near boiler piping, You have a balance problem.
    Do you have a equalizer pipe connected to that boiler,and
    is it the correct size? Or is there a checkvalve on the
    wet main? Dan has a lot's of material on steam,Check out
    "Lost art of steam heating" It's great for relaxing too.
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