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Federal Toxic Mold Bill

investigators and service techs. Who should be doing this training? If it is left up to the politicians the government will take it over. I believe this may be a business opportunity for Contractors. They will however have to be trained. As far as I know there has not been a decision as to who will do this training. No I am not interested nor qualified. Just curious.

There are some interesting possibilities that you may want to look into. Remember Knowledge is Money

Indoor Air Quality Association www.iaqa.org

The American Indoor Air Quality Council www.aiaqc.com

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification www.iicrc.org

Do any of you know of any others?

Do you think that HVAC/R contrators are going to be required in the future to have air qualiity inspections of their job sites and have to have approval for occupancy as to air quality? The Big Brother of good air.


  • Don_2
    Don_2 Member Posts: 47
    Indoor air quality

    I am sure with all the sharks out there,we has contactor whom push force air,be it strictly for ac or heat and ac
    will be turn into the spanking boy for indoor air quality.
    Although there are many factor's that affect indoor air quality. The more efficent we become the more issue will need to be address.
    We are already addressing many.
    Here a fews, heatpump-In order to to acheive the "seer rating" you find yourself with a coil that twice has big has the outdoor unit.Thats great for heating but looks what happen when you switch over to cooling,the coils is to big
    to dehumidify the envelope.Now I dont know about you guys but I have seen many heatpumps with mold inside them.But its
    not just heatpump its also high seer ac system.So I have gone to variable speed equipment to help combat the problem.
    There are guys in texas that are down sizing there indoor coils,Three ton match to a two ton airhandler.And it work great,texas is already feeling the heat from the lawyers with mold issue's. Will not even address the drain pans that has water settin in them all year.Thats the problem
    over time there are other factor that develop into Air Quality issue. And has you guys know we take the blame for everyone.
  • frank s
    frank s Member Posts: 64
    We won't be to blame

    Very simply state in your contract that you are not responsible for indoor air quality, that is if the builder is a tight wad.......as so many are.....and does'nt want to pay to have the additional equipment installed. I ain't nobody's whippin boy. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink! The ONUS is on the builder and the architect.
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