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Mr. Bean

Steve Ebels
Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
A Danfoss distributor in Michigan? If so, could you e-mail me with info on how and where to get in touch with them? None of my normal supply sources even know what your products are let alone if they can get them for me. Very frustrating dealing with distributors who are still in the stone age.


  • RB_2
    RB_2 Member Posts: 272
    Our collegue Dennis Wood can help out...

    I have a few names to you shortly.

    Ya know...we've been in North America since the 50's and one would think we're newbies...so you have just defined my mission in 2003...find every stone age distributor and bring em' into the present...wish us luck!

  • Gary Fereday
    Gary Fereday Member Posts: 427

    Mr. Bean, The problem is there is no "Z" in advertising! Out here in the west, The supply houses just simply sell what is asked for. They do not neccessarily go out on a limb to promote their products. I know of a manufactures rep that carries Danfoss, not from some supply house but because I have visited the rep's place of business. And He has a danfoss display. I love "Line Cards" that list the manufactures the supply houses carry. It may be that you could have the Danfoss factory rep's promote (give out,(supply) the line cards to the suppliers for them to give to contractors. The rep's could then, find out who the various supply houses sell for and at the same time get Danfoss before the heating community. The "line Card" could have a title of the "supply house" and a secondary title of "DANFOSS" all other entries just their small logo or sigh. Printing is cheap! anyway Bigugh
    Contact Bruce Fereday for printing At [email protected]
    for printing, You may be surprized at the ideas he has! and the costs!
  • RB_2
    RB_2 Member Posts: 272
    Thanks for the ideaZ

    We're very fortunate to have great distributors...on the other hand we often feel like we're winking in the dark...you know you're doing it but the girl of your affection has no idea!

    All it take is one guy with one idea to make a difference!

    I talked with our regional guy, Dennis Wood, today about the territory...I trust we'll be seeing some lights turning on soon. (Maybe some printing....Dennis you there?)

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