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Insulation question? Jamie

I have always noticed on the pictures that other guys have posted that the insulation for pours have been pink or blue! On the last two jobs I have done the contractors have put down 2" roofing foam. Have any of you encountered this?

I do like the fact that the staples hold much better with this foam.


  • Mike Kraft
    Mike Kraft Member Posts: 406

    You are looking for "extruded poly-styrene"that will withstand the compression.Color is not key.

  • Jamie Pompetti
    Jamie Pompetti Member Posts: 82

    Do you usually take care of this or does the builder?
  • Mark Eatherton1
    Mark Eatherton1 Member Posts: 2,542
    We've always

    set our own mesh and insulation. Otherwise, our system performance is dependent upon other less qualified unskilled crafts persons who really don't care whether the insulation/steel mesh is lined up right or not.

    On the current MONSTER snowmelt job I'm doing, the GC tried to wrestle the steel placement and the insulation placement from our contract. I asked him if he wanted to take over the thirty year performance guarantee, and he backed off in a hurry.

    Unfortunately, I excluded site prep and excavation from my contract, and the company who did it doesn't understand the need for a perfectly smooth surface on which to place XPS insulation. I'm thinking that on the next job, I will write the performance specifications for the excavation contractor and supervise his work so I don't end up having to do it for him like I am on this job. I don't mind paying for something, I just hate having to do someone elses work for free.

    The more I work around these guys, the more I'm thinking about not excluding things, but including them in my bid and refusing to let go. Might as well make money whenever and wherever we can...


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  • Mike Kraft
    Mike Kraft Member Posts: 406
    I agree with ME

    I like to prep it all.It ends up a much better install.I like the roll out mesh versus the 4'x8' sheets.It goes in easier and straighter.Her's a link to Dow.I really like the Slab Shield product from Thermomfg.I didnt search for the link but you can:)It is very tuff,1/2" thick,rolls out and carries a guaranteed R of 3.No bubbles to pop:).

    link: http://www.dow.com/styrofoam/na/dowpro/arch/comm/prodctr/crad.htm

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    as long as

    the foam is listed for under concrete applications and has the weight carrying specs it should be fine. Dow ROOFMATE actually has a 40 psi rating and the same water absorption and vapor permeance listing. I would imagine in 2" at 40 psi, it is pretty costly!

    Blue or pink? Actually Pink is a Owens Corning trademarked color I have learned. All the Dow brands I have used are blue, although they list gray color for some of their products. The name STYROFOAM is actually a trademark of the Dow Chemical Corp.

    I have moved to InsulTarp for my under slab insulation. Mostly driven by the termite activity in my area. It is much easier to work as you rarely fine a subgrade that is perfect. Laying 1 or 2" foam boards on a rough subgrade is guaranteed to leave you with many broken pieces.

    I too am convinced a perfectly smooth and flat subgrade may only be possible if you do it yourself. Not my first choice of trades, and at $100 plus per hour I think I would be priced out of that trade, quickly.

    hot rod

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