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No Heat in Basement Radiator #2 (one-pipe system)

Same situation as in "No Heat in Basement Radiator #1".

Situation 2.
3 Story Home
Mixed 2 pipe and single pipe system (a bit wierd I know, a bunch of two pipe rads, then a bunch of mono-flo ts)
3 New rads in the basement.
1 works
2 don't
1st is right on the floor, it is connected to the two-pipe set-up

2nd is on a bench (bench footing, about 15" off the ground) it is connected off of one of the mono-flo set-ups. This one is really wierd. I'm attaching a schematic to show it.

To compound the problem the run is long and windy. I would say someting like 8 90s in and out.

Furthermore the Ts are only about 1.5 feet apart.
The upper floor rad gets heat. The lower does not.

MTs = Mono-flo Supply
MTr = Mono-flo Return

The basements aren't freezing (though it is only late Nov) but they are insulated, and they have lots of overhead pipes so I might not need peak efficency from the heating system, just need to get the rads that aren't working at all going.)

Is there a protocal to follow to try and solve this? Or do I put in electronic baseboards. <yuck>

Are there mini-inline circulators I can put just in front of the valve in the basement to reduce the resistance, and push some water through it?


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