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Regulator Propane

Bill_3 Member Posts: 34
90lb Propane tank,what is the pressure coming out of the tank before the regulator on the tank. How does this apply to a 30 or 20 pound tank.

The Propane tank, when it is filled,is it liquid or vapor and how does it change state.

What are the pressure's of the Tank,Regulator,Gas Valve.


  • Larry_7
    Larry_7 Member Posts: 86
    Try this link


    Forgive me for asking, but what are you getting into? LP is not something to mess with you're not familiar with its properties and hazards. Things like heavier than air. Things like -44*F boiling point in atmospheric pressure. Freeze burn is every bit as painful as heat burn. I know. Also, a small amount of LP can make a big boom...such pretty blue fireball, though.

    Not trying to be a smarty pants. Really...just concerned and trying to be helpful.

    Hope this helps,
  • Bill_3
    Bill_3 Member Posts: 34


  • LP tanks

    the tanks is filled with liquid which is vaporized as it leaves the tank and heads to the equipment.

    The pressure coming out of the tanks may vary according to outdoor temperature from on some tanks 125 psig on others they may be 250 psig.

    Single stage regulators may reduce pressure to as low as 3" wc and as high as 125 psig.

    Two stage at container 1st stage regulator reduces to intermedite pressure of 10 to 15 psig. 2nd stage regulator reduces to 11" wc.

    Some tanks may be operating at 50 to 75 psig. It depends on the tank.

    You need to ask your local supplier.

    My information comes from National Lp Gas Association service and training manual. I think those can be purchased from LP GAs association on their web site www.npga.org
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