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One more time

Only heat keeps water from freezing. Insulation only changes the TIME it takes to freeze it. Salt does not melt ice, heat does that! salt creates a lower freezing tempereture for water. Salt on ice causes the water to find heat to melt it, It can come from the ice cream or the atmosphere or the earth but heat melts ice. Antifreeze is just another salt type substance. Enough cold and the water will freeze, sometimes seperating from the antifreeze. Used to purify sea water.
Heat prevents freezing period. ( not neccessarily where old ladies are concerened. some water would not dare to freeze around them.) And water expands when it freezes. it will not be denied! It has been used to bust just about anything that will break ! Rock, concrete, pipe fittings. even rubber fittings will burst if frozen. anywhy bigug.
Fahrenheitplaced ice in a glass a with salt and when his thermometer went down as far as possible he maeked it a 0*F then he boiled somewater and when the thermometer quit riseing he marked it at 212*F. He marked the steady point of ice at 32* F and there that is. 180* between 32 and 212*


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