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Water heater in bedroom closet

The state plumbing and mechanical inspector was looking at an indirect water heater in the closet. "A WAGS valve, huh", he said. I said, "yep, a little extra security is worthwhile, I think".

Then he says "You know you can't have that water heater in a bedroom closet".

I immediately thought of Dan's story in his radiant heating book about the indirect on the second floor. I started to say it was just a hot water holding device. There is no fire. Then I saw a piece of solder on the wood floor and I bent down to pick it up.

In that instant I saw the face of a dead man in my face saying, "You have to pick your battles, Larry".

I stood up and said, "Yep. I'd hate to take responsibility for a gas water heater in a bedroom closet, I just wouldn't do it, even if the code said it was OK. Too much risk. But code does allow for water heaters in the closets of offices. Now I don't like to do that, but if the owner wants it and realizes the risks, I'll do it if they sign a paper saying I explained the risks to them. I like to double check things and will add a WAGS too."

I turned and walked out the door to the hallway asking "Do you see many WAGS being installed?"

The inspector followed me out the door and allowed how he hadn't seen any before. The heater in the bedroom was never mentioned again.

I'll wait to fight that battle after Thanksgiving.

For all in the USA, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Thanks for all the educating you do.



  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317
    Water Heaters in Bedroom

    and or bathroom closets are now allowed under the new - 2002 - addition of the national fuel gas code 9.3, If it isn't a direct vent type you need a solid door, weather stripped, self closing with outdoor combustion air. All depends what code is valid where you are.
  • Chris_4
    Chris_4 Member Posts: 75
    I would

    have to disagree with that change!

    UPC says you can't install a WH in a bedroom, bathroom, closet or similar space, opening into a bedroom, or bathroom.

    that is asking for CO to get you while you sleep!

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller Member Posts: 115
    Dale is right

    Dale is right about gas appliances in bedroom and bathroom closets. The only problem with the water heater in a closet, is the relief valve line needs to be run to a floor drain.

    Steve M.
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    I think I would

    feel safer with a sealed combustion appliance in an application like that. A metal drip pan and drain, CO detector and smoke alarm would be a priority on my list for that application :)

    hot rod

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