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clean hands

Gary Usa_2
Gary Usa_2 Member Posts: 45
may i ask what you guys use to keep those pinkies of yours all nice and clean do you know of such a thing as a barrier cream i cannot work with gloves and was wondering if their is such a thing over here as a protection barrier cream and a really good hand cleaner and what is the name of them

many thanks guys

all the best

gary usa


  • jeff_25
    jeff_25 Member Posts: 110

    the best hand cleaner is doing the dishes jeff
  • keith_2
    keith_2 Member Posts: 2
    clean hands

    gary, best thing i have found is called from market america. have used it for three years now and works great.
  • keith_2
    keith_2 Member Posts: 2
    clean hands

    opps the product is called clear sheild .
  • KevMcG
    KevMcG Member Posts: 30
    Never tried a barrier cream

    The best thing i find (for when i really need the hands clean ie going on vacation)) is joy dish washing soap with a bowl of clorox bleach next to the sink and an SOS pad. Lather the hands dip in the clorox and scrub with the brillo pad repeat until all the ground in stuff is gone. Some times pouring sugar on the hands while doing this helps (great grit)
    As you can see I only do this for special occasions other wise ground in dirt is fine with me
  • Frank_17
    Frank_17 Member Posts: 107
    clean hands

    1 hour in the hot tub
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884

    I'll be at peoples house and they want to give me Lava, go-jo, all these special "workman" soaps.

    " Just give me the dishwashing soap "


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  • kevin_5
    kevin_5 Member Posts: 308

    Walmart sells a product called "the Hoofmaker" that works somewhat as a shield to make hands easier to clean up.
    It really shines though as a conditioner after you've got your hands all chapped from fluxes, etc... It spreads on easily, dries in a minute or so, has no perfumey smell, and I PROMISE you it isn't greasy. (I'd rather have chapped hands than greasy hands)
    It used to be found in the animal products section of the store, but they finally got it approved for human use. Give it a try! Kevin
  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    hand care

    A company called Marion Health& Safety made a complete line of skin protection products. They had "Protective Glove", which you squeezed out of the tube and rubbed into your hands, and once it dried, it was invisible & greaseless, and even the most sticky paint washed right off. They had another product that worked the same way, only for solvent based products like parts cleaner or mineral spirits. A waterless hand cleaner and an odorless non-greasy skin conditioner finished it out. Check with any safety supply house. Also, Johnstone Supply (and probably others, too)carry premoistened hand washers in a plastic bucket that work very well, too.
  • clear shield

    This stuff is so good that you can literally put your hands in wood stain and just wipe them off!!!

    Great product. I use to buy it from a local dealer who has since moved on. DO you have a web site address for them??

  • Gary Usa_2
    Gary Usa_2 Member Posts: 45
    hand cleaner

    ooooohhhh no not the dishes,lololol,thanks guys i was told as well that it's better to wash your hands in cold water duw to if you wash them in hot water your the pores in your hands open up and allow the dirt to sink into your skin,whether it's true or not is a different matter.

    i will try and search these products out and let you know,

    thanks so much

    all the best

    gary usa
  • Boilerpro
    Boilerpro Member Posts: 410
    Best Handcleaner.

    Lien waterless handcleaner. Contains Glycerine and Lanlin.
    This stuff evens cuts right through NeverSeeze. Haven't had to find it lately... The one gallon container I have is probably 30 years old.

  • Dana Zaichkin_2
    Dana Zaichkin_2 Member Posts: 36
    Hot Water

    Using hot water and detergents strip away the protective oils from your skin where warm or cool water reduces this. Add cold weather, dry air and your hands can become raw

    Assuming you don't have a latex alergy that prevents you from wearing gloves, you can coat your hands with eucerin,desitin,A&D, bag balm, etc and put latex gloves on when you're not at work. This helps heal them and the oils in the ointments help remove the imbeded grease, dirt, etc.

    Best Wishes

  • kevin
    kevin Member Posts: 420
    I use ....

    Nitrle(blue) gloves. they hold up better and no latex reactions.kpc
  • Mitch_2
    Mitch_2 Member Posts: 5
    hand cleaner

    For everyday care I use Neutrogena Hand soap and hand cream it was invented by Norwegian fishermen who were faced with some of the roughest conditions on earth . I try to wear latex gloves alot but not all=ways so I do need a good cleaner . I find my hand would get rough and fingers crack in the winter . So this keeps my hands soft and women dont like it when your hands are like 60 grit sand paper . Very inportant indeed . By the way it is usually kept with the cosmetics and stuff at the drug store where I buy it so get your wife to get it . lol Mitch
  • Bill NTSG
    Bill NTSG Member Posts: 321

    powder hand cleaner."Removes dirt & grime,kills odors" It says so on the can. Works for me.
  • Gary Usa_2
    Gary Usa_2 Member Posts: 45
    hand cleaner

    hiya guys went to a car place today and got the following,gojo original handcleaner and some invisable glove cream seems to work quiet well ,will give it a weeks test to see how it goes.

    can't find the other stuff that you recommended yet maybe i will try and find it on the net,

    thanks so much guys for all your help

    have a great weekend

    all the best

    gary usa
  • Jim_22
    Jim_22 Member Posts: 53
    Clean hands

    I've found regular hair shampoo works pretty good also, made to cut oils and a little kinder to the hands than dish soap.


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