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Hot Water loop system with no expansion tank

Chris_7 Member Posts: 5
I have just recently purchased a new split level home with hot water base board loop system. I have a few problems, The master bedroom at night when the doors are closed gets too hot and the base board makes a lot of noise not like water-hammer it pings everytime the system turns on. Also, there is no expansion tank on the system, I thought all loop systems like this should have expansion tanks. I just trying to stop the noise and possibly find out why the master bedroom gets too hot and the living room with the thermostat is cold.


  • J.C.A.
    J.C.A. Member Posts: 349
    Check the...

    Closets and the attic for an expansion tank . Saw this alot in houses built in some areas .

    As to the pinging noise , are you using a tankless water heater ? The overheating , is this the bedroom the first room on the heating loop (and is the living the last?) . The more info , the easier to help .
  • jim bannister
    jim bannister Member Posts: 20
    Expansion tank,noise


    If you are looking for a conventional expansion tank in the ceiling, it may have been replaced with a pre-charged tank. The pinging noise could very well be expansion noise. Do you have baseboard or a monoflow system. If you have a monoflow system, the convector in the living room is probably airbound. This will keep the thermostat calling and overheating the other rooms. If you have a single loop baseboard system, you can remove some of the fins in the bedroom and also close down the damper. Check the room where the thermostat is to make sure there is no furniture blocking the baseboard or carpeting run up too far under the element.
  • Chris_7
    Chris_7 Member Posts: 5

    Sorry for the slow response. Here is some more system info.
    The Boiler is a Federal Boiler Company boiler. I think it is original to the house about 40 years. There is a large tank suspended from the ceiling above the boiler, but it looks like a hot water holding tank. The system is a single loop baseboard system. There are no dampers on the baseboard in the bedrooms. I was thinking aobut replacing them with new slant fin. Also, I still get the usual running water sound when the system fires-up. I have bleed the air from the system, but it seems to work for a couple of days and then the running water sound starts again. I have looked for leaks or staining behind wall and have found none of that. Also the furnace is supplying the hot water. Some sounds that happend are loud and sound like water hammer in a steam system. Unfortunatly all of my experience has been with steam systems.
  • Allen Rosenthal
    Allen Rosenthal Member Posts: 6

    The water holding tank at the ceiling is actually your compression (expansion) tank. It is propably water logged and thus there is no room for water expansion. You have to drain some water out to allow room for expansion. However, I would suggest changing the tank to a diaphragm expansion tank.
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