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$900 water heater part 3?????

jim_14 Member Posts: 268
JUST KIDDING! Dont want to get everybody in an uproar.

Actually this is a pic of my HWH, its in a very tight spot. Under my front stairs, ontop of some wood that covers a hole where my water service comes in (I dont know how the plumber put the water meter in down there, he would of have been on his stomach the whole time) and little space on 1 side.

Luckily for me, the previous owner had this replaced when his HWH broke. I dont know what he paid, but by the looks of the install and the very tight and cramped location of it ,I would think this would have been a $900 job!!!

Any comments?

BTW when I decide to replace my current boiler ,I understand they come much smaller now??, I would like to move this HWH and place it where my current boiler is right now, assuming i would gain some extra room.


  • Gary Fereday
    Gary Fereday Member Posts: 427
    Your a canidate for

    an indirest coil water heater in your boiler. That is where there is a coil imerssed inside your boiler that heats potable water as it is used. Only one heater and very high efficiencie. To bad its is not alread there!
  • ed wallace
    ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613

    i agree with bigugh go with a boiler that has a coil for hot water

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  • eleft(retired)
    eleft(retired) Member Posts: 98

    Does any one know what the scale is for circus midgets.

    It might well be over 900 with manager commission incl.

    A new thought: I'll put my money on "Levitt town Ron jr" getting everything you want in that space and very very neat.

  • jim_14
    jim_14 Member Posts: 268

    Funny you should mention that. My current boiler has that hot water heater section in it too. In fact ,in my row of houses everybody had the same thing. For whatever reason, the HWH was added on to my boiler, as I think the boilers HW section is either no good, or as Ive been told, it wasnt efficent to keep the boiler "on" during the summer months (as well as not adding more heat to the basement in the summer too). I know the piping still goes into the back of my old boiler as well as into the 50 gal HWH.

    BTW i think the 50 gal HWH was also installed for "more" hot water as demand increased in these homes (i.e. basement showers added for rentals, dishwashers, etc)
  • gas man
    gas man Member Posts: 16
    call your local gas co.

    looking at your picture, there should be a fire valve installed on your meter, inlet side ,maybe its there;but just call and humor me anyway ! thanks - its now big deal ,but its code !
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