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Thermic Bypass Valves

that thermostatic mixing valves are an important element in any system where there is the possibility of cold return to the boiler. They just make too much sense to not use them. We happen to sell one made by ACASO that works very well but there are others... The ones we use protect the boiler against return temperatures less than 140 deg F.



  • Apprentice
    Apprentice Member Posts: 2
    Thermic Bypass Valves?

    Today I seek information on Thermic Bypass Valves? I 'guess' that maybe my cast iron sectional boiler which my engineer decided to add an ice (not snow) melting loop to, might be damaged or shocked when that ice cold return water comes back to the boiler, and something about, condensation ? Are these Thermic By-pass Valve things necessary? Your inputs will be greatly appreciated. Oh Yeah, it's a primary/secondary pumping system, if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  • Gregg Jackson
    Gregg Jackson Member Posts: 55
    bypass valve

    Esbe makes such a valve and I think it is a great addition to any heating system that is vulnerable to condesation via low temp return. I would advise a control strategy for boiler protection when you are supplying snow melt. The fact that your system is piped pri / sec (hopefully piped correct) should make it easy to add a snowmelt control (like Tekmar) that will run the systm properly and provide ultimate boiler protection.

  • Boilerpro
    Boilerpro Member Posts: 410
    I use them in about 70% of my hot water boilers..

    and in about another 20 % I use variable speed pumping. The issues of cold return temps, cold return thermal shock and hot return thermal shock are getting the attention of the boiler manufacturers. Too many boilers are failing way before thier time and I think these issues are a major cause in both single zone residential and large sep fired commercial multiple and modular boiler applications.

  • Alec
    Alec Member Posts: 4

    Your primary secondary piping should include a heat exchanger, a flate plate is what I use.
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