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Pre- Snowmelt Snowmelt (ME)


I remember finding the this portable ground thawing system a while back, and never imagined my needing their services, but alas, I needed their services.

Here I am, stuck in the mountains, fighting snow (as are the other trades), trying to get things done, still got 8,000 feet of 5/8 tube to install, but the ground is now frozen thanks to ma nature and a few feet of snow, but the work must go on!!.

The GC had the foresight to rent some Ground Heater units to eliminate the frost so we can proceed with business.

My friend Dennis Bellanti called me last Friday asking me for my advice in building some gas fired ground thaw units. I recommended Munchkins. I also told him about these units, and he said the local clientele was tired of paying $500.00 per day to rent these units. One of the locals told me these things can drive frost out of the ground at the rate of 1 foot per day (24 hours). An obvious market potential. Dennis is no dummie...

The concept is quite simple, atmospheric glycol, electric powered hose reel, gear pump, oil fired boiler (New Yorker), and simple control logic to make it work. They run these things at 180 degrees F 24/7 until the frost is gone.

Rich and I laid this system out over a small area we needed defrosted by tomorrow so we can install some supply and return lines to a remote manifold box. It uses a black rubber hose (I suspect, but cannot confirm that it is the same as Onyx). Looks like about a 1000 feet of hose on the reel. Will find out tomorrow, cause as soon as we're done with it, we'll lay it out on the rest of the ground that needs to be thawed in preperation of our applying insulation and steel and tube. Gotta grade and compact the sub soil prior to our arrival (yeah right...)

Anyway, thought you all might like to see a portable snowmelt system on wheels.

Here's a link to Ground Heaters.com



From high in the cocky Rockies..


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