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GV boiler failure

KENT_2 Member Posts: 6
We installed a Weil McLain L.P. GV-3 in a house with radiators (I would think the water temp. would be high enough)about 5 years ago. Two years ago it was plugged up an WM replaced it under warranty with the new specified piping. Last night customer had no heat, checked it out and found boiler was again plugged up. When it first happened 5 years ago, the wholesaler said this never happened before - apparantly WM was aware of the problem because the boiler was replaced (we also replaced two others with the same problem). Never had this problem with any other model or brand of boiler. Anyone else with the same problem or advise? Needless to say, neither us or our customer is very happy.


  • Chauncey
    Chauncey Member Posts: 43
    what part is \"plugged\" up?


  • And what is it plugged with?
  • KENT_2
    KENT_2 Member Posts: 6

    It is plugged up with rusty flakes inside the cast iron section.
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    I highly doubt

    the boiler is generating these flakes! Remember for rust or oxidation to occur you need a constant sourse of O2. Do you have a leak somewhere allowing fresh makeup water?

    Solid chunks or flakes are hard to flush out of a system. A proper cleaner with a pressure pump to flush may be your next step.

    Find the source of the problem before you replace another boiler, something sounds fishy here.

    hot rod

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  • where inside?

    fireside or in the waterside?
  • Phil_3
    Phil_3 Member Posts: 3

    There is a problem but as another entry stated find the problem first.check your reducing valve,any gate valves with leaking packings causing 02 to enter the system sealed systems dont get dirty.
  • harvey
    harvey Member Posts: 153
    weil-mclain GV

    we just replaced a GV nat. gas boiler under warranty. found heat exchanger plugged up with rust.( flue gas condensation?) the only difference we could see was that the factory added a pump for a system bypass with a temp. sensor. the first boiler only add a fixed position mixing valve for system by-pass. poor design, you only will know when the pump poops out when the heat exchanger is plugged
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