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Beckett or Riello

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  • mark anderson
    mark anderson Member Posts: 30
    Beckett or Riello

    Im replacing a brand new carlin 99frd.

    I have a Buderus G215 4 section

    Which is the better choice???
    A Beckett AFG or a Riello 40 series and Why??

  • John@Reliable
    [email protected] Member Posts: 379
    Which is better?

    They are both burners,just like chevys and mercedes are both cars. I think you can see where I'm going. As long as you have a good service person go with the riello. The riello will not fail offen, but when it happens make sure you can find someone to repair it.The beckett is easier to find someone to work on.I have a riello sealed unit in my home for one reason after working on burners all day the last one I want to work on is mine! Hope this helps
  • todd s
    todd s Member Posts: 212

    You should check with Buderus to see which burner to use. The 215's like alot of positive overfire pressure. The Riello will work fine. If using a Beckett make sure to get the right model I think they use the SMG. Good luck
  • mark anderson
    mark anderson Member Posts: 30
    I heard the riello is loud!

    Has any one heard this??
  • Same with me - Riello , set it and forget it

    Well , not quite , but being in the business , I usually dont fix things on my boiler till it aint runnin' .

    I have an F5 in my home , which replaced a BF3 (couldnt get outside air for it) . The BF3 was in the boiler for 4 years without a nozzle , filter or strainer change - and it burned clean till its last day . The F5 has been in 2 years without a change - peeked into the chamber a few weeks ago and still burning clean . It leaves a white , ashy substance in the chamber though - but not that black sootbomby fluff . I had a Beckett AFG in before the BF3 and I had to keep up on it or else it would start to run a little dirty . I heard the Becketts are coming through with pre and post purge , and a oil delay valve as standard equipment . That brings up the quality of the burner quite alot in my opinion .
  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 768

    Like another poster said, check with Buderus. I do know an AFG is not an accepted/approved burner in this application. What was wrong with the Carlin?

  • Nope

    Most homeowners tell us the sound of a new system with a Riello in it is quieter than their old boiler . And they know firsthand - we do alot of boilers in the kitchen or under the stairs next to the living room . We try to use the F3 wherever possible - its quieter than the F5 .

    Comparing the noise to a Beckett - I just went back to a job our company installed - a Burnham V84 and a Beckett with the blue cover over it . I thought it sounded the same as a Riello .
  • mark anderson
    mark anderson Member Posts: 30
    What was wrong with the carlin

    The carlin would constantly lock out 1or 2x a day.
    Everything was to spec (exactly to spec) and the problem could not be solved.

    Buderus told me that 1 in a 100 have this bug and it is easier to move on to a different burner.

    They alluded to the fact that I had a stronger then usual draft ( and I did at .05 to .10 breech)and that the other two makes might be more adept to a wider variety of variables.

    Carlin had some suggestions but it seemed to finickey.
  • kevin
    kevin Member Posts: 420
    yaa.. what wrong ...

    with the Carlin? I actually like the EZ-1 better that the riello.The Buderus actually is supposed to have the ez in vs. the 99frd.kpc
  • Roger Litman
    Roger Litman Member Posts: 64
    Carlin EZ1

    WE have had very good luck with the EZ1 PRO, But as you have been told talk to Buderus and also try talking to Carlin. It is one of the quietest burners out there and with outside air can be impossible to hear from ten feet away in the right system.

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  • John@Reliable
    [email protected] Member Posts: 379
    Ron Jr. you need to try..........

    a Carlin EZ-1 on a Burnham! this is about the only way we set up any more. So quiet sometimes need to peak in to make sure unit fired.The other reason I hate that cover as I also service them & the cover is a [email protected]
  • mark anderson
    mark anderson Member Posts: 30
    The Buderus G215 4 uses the 99frd

    There are several model Buderus and the large untits use a 99 FRD Carlin and the small one use a EZ1.

    I have a large Buderus and the perscribed models (according to Buderus)are
    #1 Riello 40 series
    #2 Carlin 99FRD
    #3 Beckett AFG

    SMG is no longer the perscribed unit.
    Beckett is very new to Buderus.Beckett just recently finished test applications on Buderus.
  • Rich_2
    Rich_2 Member Posts: 40

    I am about to install a buderus & was told that heatwise burners were highly recomended,any input?
  • mark anderson
    mark anderson Member Posts: 30
    Is this for

    A Gas or oil application?
  • You aint kidding

    Getting that cover back on was a **** - well , we have problems getting the Riello cover on sometimes also .

    A few weeks ago we installed a Carlin EZ in a Burnham steel boiler in the kitchen of a Levitt house . They are pretty quiet , but I dont like the delay on the transformer cutting out - you can hear the zapping noise clearly for about 10 to 15 seconds . I like the Riello - instantaneous cutout when it ignites . This is the pic - sorry about the lack of light . Unless my batteries are charged on the camera , the pics come out like this one.
  • todd s
    todd s Member Posts: 212

    Are you using the high-low fire burner. I have seen this and I think its a great idea whose time has come for residential sizes.
  • JohnnyHomeowner
    JohnnyHomeowner Member Posts: 2
    Quiet gas burner?...

    Hello. This is my first post, but I've been lurking and reading The Wall for a couple weeks now. This is my first heating season in the home I'm in now, so I found my way to Dan's site hoping to answer some questions.

    Anyway, reading this thread on quiet burners has really peaked my curiosity. I have a gas-fired Weil-McLain that I can hear from down the block. Not knowing any better, I just figured that was just the nature of the beast. I'm guessing that the burners you've been talking about in this thread are for oil-fired units, but are there quieter options out there for my application? I'm not sure what model WM I have. How can I find out? I looked all over the outside of the unit, but couldn't find any numbers. I took a whole bunch of pictures of my setup yesterday. I'll try to get a picture of the boiler posted tomorrow.

  • The model number should be on the door

    or behind the door . Is it an atmospheric boiler ? Is there a gas burner rack under the boiler , or a gun type burner in the front of the boiler ?
  • JohnnyHomeowner
    JohnnyHomeowner Member Posts: 2
    Boiler pic

    Here's a pic of the boiler. I haven't tried to mess with it at all yet. Should the door just pull open for me, or do I have to remove screws? I believe it's a closed system. I've attached a picture of the compression tank in the basement.

  • lionel
    lionel Member Posts: 1
    clean boiler

    i modified a horizonital boiler from a singal pass to a three pass and fire a0.4 gal.in a rello f3 and have not cleaned the tubes in 10 years always get the same # when performing a co2 test . burn less than 400 canadian gal. to heat a3500ft. house with a 2 car heated garage all infloor heat also dhw for a family of 4 the boiler is at least 50 yrs old.is this possibable in other boilers burning #2 oil.
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