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joel_14 Member Posts: 116
I'm looking for feedback on this tool my guys tried a demmo 1 today and said it ruled.I was quoted around 1800$ with 1/2-2 jaws. Makes nice neat looking joints . I still wonder how long those O rings will last though, feed bach please!!


  • Steve Paul
    Steve Paul Member Posts: 83

    small world! we just did our first steam boiler today with the propress. The entire kit with dies from 1/2" through 3" complete, cost around $5000.00. The assembley time was at lest 50% less than usual, much cleaner and less crap to cause surging. I think as we get more proficient with it our time will be even better. The jury is still out but we think this is going to be a winner.I just hope that Rigid will be able to supply us with a good assortment of fitting configurations.
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Steam ?

    I am supprised you used it ona Steam system. My only concern with this tool would be the longevity of the o-rings. With that in mind, using it on steam would certainly put it at the extremes of its applications


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  • Boonierat
    Boonierat Member Posts: 58
    Ridgid Propress

    Last month one of our clients got into a job that was well written and specified for the Dept. of Defense. In the middle of the 'spec-book' were the words in bold type NO-BRAZING-ALLOWED.
    To make a long story short, he was forced to buy one of these tools to get the job done.....................................he loved it. Saved him a whole bunch of labor, and his finished job was as water-tight as any soldered fitting job.
    Next time I saw him he spoke very well of it. says he'll do his best to get that type of copper fitting specified by DOD in the future. As he tell it.......the client was equally impressed. I'll be keenly interested in how these o-rings hold up. Nels
    Stay loose; stay well,...................Nels
  • Caselli
    Caselli Member Posts: 40
    gasket temp. limit

    Here is an old catalog.... Victaulic "Pressfit" system from 1990. EPDM Gaskets were recommended to 230 degrees F.
    I would think it would be near the limit. Or is there a new material?
  • Propress- anyone can do plumbing!!!!!

    Supposedly the Propress fittings are good to 250 degrees. We have used the system with much success on plumbing jobs; but have never tried it on steam. The pipe has to be relatively clean, and deburred inside and out before making the joint. I recently used it to make a repair on a hot water heating line in the floor. Did a similar joint in the floor several years ago, but brazed the joint. This was much easier, but only time will tell which one is better. The Propress is great for doing joints on the fly. Just do as they suggest; mark the make-in and be sure it doesn't move before you pull the trigger. Vic gaskets turn into goo after several years of service. Maybe Rigid has a better material; space age technology. Pipe tight, do it right!
  • Tony Conner
    Tony Conner Member Posts: 549

    Dunno... Unless the fitting manufacturer specifically rated the assembly in general (and the 'O' ring specifically) for steam service, regardless of temperature, I'd be VERY leery of using this system on steam.

    There ARE 'O' rings rated for steam service (even 250 PSIG valve assmblies) that are selected to take the service. However, they cost more. I can't see the manufacturers of what is essentially a plumbing system using those 'O' rings.

    My experience with seeing red rubber in steam service is that even though it's rated for 250*F, even 2 or 3 PSIG steam will dry it out, and crack it in a few months.

    I'd be interested to know how the installation stands-up.
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