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Question about firebox?

I need some info on what to do about a firebox in an old boiler. The boiler is a Crane Sunnyday 15 boiler # 15-5 rated at @115,000 btu/hr. The problem is the firebox has fallen somewhat apart. I believe the boiler to have once had a gun burner, but that is gone and an atmospheric burner has taken its place. The burner is an Atlas and is bent at a 90. It would appear that the fire box is no longer needed. This boiler is in a church that I attend. I offered to look at it when they got a bid for 4500 to replace the old one. I am not sure if the boiler needs the firebox or if the atmospheric burner is ok without it. I would like to know if anyone remembers this type of boiler and if anyone has come across a similar problem. The church does not really have the money to replace it and other than the firebrick falling apart the boiler looks to be in good shape. Thanks for any help.


  • Paul_6
    Paul_6 Member Posts: 88
    remember ?

    I have one in my basement. 50 or so years old and still in good shape, ( although I will admit to haveing a buderus still on the pallet waiting for a spare moment.) thats a dry base boiler and it sits up on a steel stand. the fire brick protects the stand from burning out. the lower front panel comes off and the fire box pulls out, it should be banded together but your bands may be missing. you might be able to do a couple of things. I was going to line mine with a kaowool wet blanket but my brick is in really good shape. the trouble i have is that the burner sits really low and close to the bottom refractory so i get air tube burn out after a couple of heating seasons ( i just change the air tube) you might also be able to get a "bath tub" combustion chamber that would fit in the opening and back fill around it with sand to keep it in place. i would try to do something with it because if you burn out the stand the cast iron sections will begin to collapse it. I would also suggest that the church start a fund raiser and get that $4500 because the afue on that old girl is attrocious. I have mine down fired, the pump pressure up and i always run a #1 smoke to get 80 to 82% i clean it once a year and tune the burner twice a year. One of these days i hope to find my missing " round tuit" and fire up the buderus.

    hope this helps, Paul
  • ed wallace
    ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613

    I may be wrong but i dont think a fire box is needed every gas conversion i have seen like you describe hasd no fire box as a matter of fact williamson furnaces used to make a
    high boy furnace that was offered either oil or gas gas no
    fire box oil had a fire box only time i have seen a fire box with a gas conversion is when its a power flame system
    like calin makes or a comercial set up
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