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One of those weeks!!!

Al_3 Member Posts: 79
It started saturday when I went down to my pole barn, which is currently under construction, only to find that my 2001 Polaris Sportsman 500ho that I had moved from my house garage to the barn in preparation for my daughter's 2nd birthday party [the better half wanted everything clean, neat and just right for the party] wasn't there. I had it blocked in the corner with my truck but they just busted the purlins out and made off with it.About a $7,000 loss, kinda puts you in one of those moods. But I pulled out of it by the time of the party, to see my little one turn 2 and help sing her happy b-day song just melted me, the atv is still just a material thing, although I can't forget and would still like to get my hands on the filthy, leaches of society that thought they deserved my property more than I.
On another topic, got a call today from an elderly widow, who's husband used to take care of everything,that was trying to change her air filter on her furnace and couldn't get the new one back in and read the warning label that said "never operate this furnace without filter in place"
She shut it down and called in a panic, went there slid the filter in and told her to have a nice day. Feels nice sometimes to give someone a smile when someone else has taken a crap on your day! Feel better already.----AL


  • Dave Yates (PAH)
    Dave Yates (PAH) Member Posts: 2,162

    You did the right thing by her.

    I'm looking forward to the day when we can implant a find-me chip in items like that so a homing device can zero in on the soon-to-be-maimed perps.

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  • Chris_4
    Chris_4 Member Posts: 75

    Al, sorry to hear about your loss, someone was probably waiting for you to leave it out, so they could grab it!!

    Dave, Ca. already has a tracking system, they are called "lowJack" can be instantly tracked by the police using a homing device! all my vehicles have one installed.

    the rats may be able to get by the alarm, but not the "lowJack", they can't be disabled. they are only activated by the police when alerted of the theft.


  • Gary Fereday
    Gary Fereday Member Posts: 427
    \"currently under construction\"

    Now that is a clue. If it were out of sight from the general viewing public, I'd have to look at an inside job. Someone had to know it was there, and how to easily get it out. Perps just do not randomly do this stuff. Most of it is gauged to fit circumstnaces. I'd have the police check around any folks who knew that there was a chance to swipe it and how. It may not be in their position near by but hauled to some hide away they frequent. If not sold by now! anyway bigugh
  • steve gates
    steve gates Member Posts: 329
    thank you for

    doing the right thing!
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