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New Boiler stoppped working after one year

nick Member Posts: 5
Q1.I am an HO. My Weil gold boiler with Beckett burner installed one year ago runs cast iron rads, indirect water heater and hydrocoil. system stopped working the other day, contractor said it needed its first annual service and had stopped because of dirt build up, burner could not fire on properly. it worked when I hit the reset a couple of times then stopped. my question is, does this total shutdown after only 1 year indicate any problem like excessive inefficiency or problem with cycling such that combustion product buildup was extensive enought to cause a shutdown? (my contractor has since cleaned and serviced the unit and it seems OK)

Q2. the above system is located right beneath my dining area w/o much insulation, and it is noisy. is there any way to reduce burner and boiler noise post-installation?

thanks very much. (this forum is very informative and entertaining for laymen like me)


  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis Member Posts: 305

    You have a very efficient piece of equipment and usually they require a little more attention. Know matter how good something is setup and running, unpredictable failures can happen out of the contractors control. The boiler could run the next three years without any service(DON'T RECOMMEND IT). If the service contractor used combustion testing equipment, especially a smoke test and a draft test, everything should be okay.
  • Warmfoot
    Warmfoot Member Posts: 127
    From my experience

    the first year is the worst due to most of the time, the project is still under construction. dust & other debris play a major factor on how a burner operates. Is the boiler in an area where you do any type of woodworking? Like a garage? If it is in a garage, do you have a dirt driveway? Is it in an area where there is an eccessive amount of dust? All of these factors can play havoc on a burner. I had a job where the burner was in a garage and we were out there every three months cleaning it until he brought in gravel to cover the long dirt driveway. Something to look at!

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  • ed wallace
    ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613

    beckett makes a cover that cuts down on the noise and will allow pvc piping to bring air directly to the burnerask your heating man about it
  • Mike Kraft
    Mike Kraft Member Posts: 406
    one more on noise

    The draft or barometric smoke tee needs a minimum of at least 12" from breech.This can be cleary found in the install manual.

  • Floyd
    Floyd Member Posts: 429
    Different nozzles...

    can make a ton of difference in how noisey a burner runs.....
    this must be handled with care and within certain parameters......
    The recommended nozzles are usually setup in a lab undercontrolled
    envionments.... the feild is a different ball game!
    A change could make a big improvement.

  • John@Reliable
    John@Reliable Member Posts: 379
    Nick, replacement boiler shut-down?

    Nick, sounds like it was a replacement boiler. Did you also install a new oil tank? We find most of the time if you don't you must "clean the system yearly" to avoid problems.Cleaning the system is not really what we are doing,because if oil system is clean and electrodes are adjusted your boiler will not be dirty at all.Tanks after about 20 years can have 5 to 10 gallons of sludge in them which will always find it's way into burner.To help avoid problems never let tank go below 1/4 and have serviced annual. Also Field control makes a very nice outdoor air intake kit for the burner I find 75% of the noise will be transfered outside so you don't have to find the remote for TV everytime the burner comes on.What you are hearing is the air being sucked into burner,burners are like vacuum cleaners they use alot of air. Hope this helps John@Reliable
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