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peerless problem year?

About once a year our peerless boiler starts to back up smoke into the house. Each time our service guy replaces the injector nozzle and the problem is fixed for another year. He says that peerless had a bad model year in the 70's and we have one of these. He is of course trying to sell me on the idea of a new boiler, and his son says a new burner might help. I'm confused. any ideas or info on a bad peerless model year?


  • keith
    keith Member Posts: 224

    Had a boiler that pluged up easily when firing oil. I think it was the JTO series. The pins on the cast iron sections are very tight and plug up for a # of reasons. You have to clean it from the top and front. The boiler was O.K. for gas applications but a mess with fuel oil. You may have better results with a Riello burner. How is the over all codition of the boiler? It may make sense to just swap it out and start over.
  • The bad year was 1985 or 1986

    We swapped out quite a few of them . I believe they were all JOT 3 section boilers . Like Keith said , the pins were too close together . I think that the warantee period for a free swapout is long gone , but you might be able to get a prorate towards a new Peerless . I highly recommend the ECT boiler - the next generation of the JOT Peerless .
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