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Boiler without water intake?

Terry H.
Terry H. Member Posts: 73
without access to water supply we like to use an Axiom System feeder check out:
The MF 200 sounds like the perfect fit for your system.

Hope this helps

Terry H.


  • Harley Soltes
    Harley Soltes Member Posts: 7
    Boiler without fresh water inlet?

    I am replacing an older oil boiler and want to move
    old one to large shop for heating with a blower.
    There is no water out there and I am wondering if boiler
    can be set up with no fresh water inlet, but checked and filled when needed.
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    The use of

    a low water cutoff switch, and possibly a flow switch, if it is a low mass boiler would be needed. All my snowmelt systems are set up without fill systems. Maybe oversize the expansion tank for a litle more capacity.

    hot rod

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  • Frank_17
    Frank_17 Member Posts: 107
    no x-tank

    yes , there is an easy and cheap way to do this. Have an open expansion tank located as high up as possible, (second floor )the weight of the water will pressurize the boiler, and being an open vessel, will allow for expansion
  • Water fill on a hot water boiler

    If you read the B/G installation instructions for a makeup water regulating valve; and Dan H. stresses this in his publications, that after the system is filled, you close the fill shutoff valve. The system should not require any more water to be added to the system. If it does, you have a leak and should find and repair it. Make shure you have a low water cutoff in the system, water goes to steam; a powerful force! If your system is tight, you can fill it and walk away. Just like Ron Popiel says; "Set it and forget it." Pipe tight, do it right!
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