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Help! with choosing Grunfos circs!

Royboy2 Member Posts: 16
these were current Grundfos spec sheets ...

Clint - perhaps you could post a more current set if there is one ...



  • SeattleNick_2
    SeattleNick_2 Member Posts: 24
    Choosing the right Grundfos circulator.........?

    Well I looked all around in Mr. Siegenthalers book for the headloss of 1/2" PEX but could not come up with it. Probably too obvious!

    I tried the Grundfos website, which was fancy, but it did not show me the pumps they had for sale. I know they are in there soooooooomewhere because hotrod said they make them.
    I obtained a Grundfos CD interactive catalog which was cool too but was not set up to help sell pumps either. (Just a hint to the CD design people: put a "BACK" button on each page so we can surf around instead of mucking about till we just start over or lose interest. You know the drill.
    What I was looking for was a graph like the one in the Johnstone supply Catalog for the Tacos....no existo?
    End of whining.

    The pumps I want are the small Three speed integral check s UPS such n such to fit the following applications:

    Heated Bathroom Floor with 70' of Rehau 1/2" tube under it plus another 120' of 1/2" PEX for supply and return

    Supplemental heat provided by a Myson Whispa 5000 kickspace heater which has a approximate hydraulic resistance of 1.20 ft wg @ 3 GPM fed and returned by 120' of 1/2" PEX

    This one is a 1" copper header that goes to the second floor and splits into two 3/4 radiator loops that is quite long and figures out to 18'+ of head @2~3GPM

    35' of 1/2" PEX feeds a 8' Slant-Fin and 35' more feet of 1/2" PEX returns

    If anyone can toss out some Grundfos pump numbers to me I will be greatly indebted and they may even be in stock for the weekend!
    Thanks for being here to help! I am so indebted to Dan for providing this forum and to all you people out there making these ideas happen.
  • Mike Kraft
    Mike Kraft Member Posts: 406
    Nick,I feel your pain

    I have had challenge @ the Grundfos web also.It is quite an extensive web and trying to "navigate" to find what you want seems to get frustrating.I saved hot rods link so here you go!

  • Clint Andrews
    Clint Andrews Member Posts: 6
    Choosing the right Grundfos circulator

    Gentlemen - Thank you for your input regarding our website and WinCAPS. We build those tools for you, and we always appreciate any feedback that we can use to make them better.

    I have forwarded your messages to our Web Editor and E Business Manager. Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.


    Clint Andrews
    Grundfos Pumps
  • John_21
    John_21 Member Posts: 34

    Have been told that this pump will not be ready till Jan. or Feb.
    also lots of problems with pump. I am confused!
  • SeattleNick_2
    SeattleNick_2 Member Posts: 24

    Hello again and thank you all for taking the time to respond. The Super Brute info was just what I was looking for Mr. Cheese....glad you saved it! Gotta go hang some unistrut!!


  • WetBehindTheEars
    WetBehindTheEars Member Posts: 3
    Grudfos technical info

    This is not directly related to your dilemma, but I highly recommend that you get a copy of Grunfos's paperback technical handbook. It contains a wealth of information on head losses through various piping materials & sizes, pump curves on most Grundfos hydronic products, & a variety of other hydronic subjects. No joke, this book is so good my B & G rep carries one.

    Happy pumping.
  • Clint Andrews
    Clint Andrews Member Posts: 6
    Grundfos Cut Sheets

    We just printed new and improved Product and Technical guides. They're much cleaner and easier to read than the first generation. I don't have digital copies of all the sub data sheets to post here, but you can order the books from our lit department. Use part numbers L-UP-PG-001 for the small UP's, L-UPS-PG-001 for the UPS, L-TP-PG-001 for the TP's, L-MLP-PG-01 for the L series, and L-TG-PG-001 for the technical book. There are a lot of numbers, but we split the products and tech info out to make the books easier to read and less expensive to reprint as we add prodcuts. Our literature department fax is 800-366-5920.

    Clint Andrews
    Grundfos Pumps
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