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Piping Materials

Glen Member Posts: 855
Hello All -
Having followed many threads - and looked at many great examples of fine work - I must ask this: Is there a preference of piping materials for the near boiler piping? I have used both copper and steel (A53) While the copper is pretty - the steel is much less expensive to install. Comments?
Cheers from the Canadian Rockies


  • J.C.A.
    J.C.A. Member Posts: 349

    I like to use steel right off the top and bottom for the added strength and the options for hanging. After that we use whatever the previous system used , or in the case of new switch to copper .I will admit to having to "fudge" some black iron piping because the tappings weren't coming up straight from the appliance or fitting I was attaching it to . This is where copper becomes easier to use , but again, a couple of swing joints can mask a poor tapping .Hope this helped . Chris.
  • keith
    keith Member Posts: 224

    for the supply and return headers. I screw a male adaptor into the flow valve on the supply and a male adaptor into a purge tee and go with copper from there. I use steel mostly for a solid piping arrangement. The copper offers a little more flexibility on piping options but less flexability for expansion and contraction. Just my 2 cents worth.
  • Mike Kraft
    Mike Kraft Member Posts: 406

    I always installed my manifolds in black pipe.I found it to be very strong as stated and permanent.I actually viewed copper headers as a sign of a weak install!!

    But then the longer I hung around here I saw that copper installs were in some instances quicker cleaner and less work if planned.Many copper installs look crappy because of no love!But I have seen some real pretty installs posted here and am trying to improve mine.

    Although I have been considering getting the wrenches out and going back to black for a bit.

  • Glen
    Glen Member Posts: 855
    Twisted thinking?

    Thanks for the excellent feedback - I am just now starting a very sweet radiant job lakeside near by Cranbrook. It's an unassuming 2500 sqft log cabin in which the owner is sparing no expense. It will be a very nice spot to crack a bottle of wine and watch the sun go down. I have sorted it out with the heating engineer that injection temp control will be the most beneficial to me and the owner (on top of the 90% furnace and 4 ton AC) but I am thinking - with so much flash above the boiler room - wouldn't it be nice to offer a system that looks as good as it works? I would prefer to do this in black - but thought I would ask. And - I'll see many of you at ISH next week. (Look for the white haired character under the cowboy hat!)
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106

    to that near boiler piping can be added in the form of colorful PVC jacketed insulation also :) Regardless of the piping materials.

    Watts Radiant offers some beautiful stainless steel radiant manifolds. Worth a look for a little more $$ than brass manifolds.

    hot rod

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