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I keep getting virus emails from the above email id. The email often has a different "from" email id, but if you know how to look (and I do) you can see where it REALLY is comming from.

The email acct I use for WALL stuff is only used for here. So I am figuring the virus email is originating either from someone here (they might not even know) or from some hacker-type grabbing email adresses from here and playing games. Be aware that you could be spreading a virus and not even know it. The virus program sneakily uses your pc and email to keep sending itself out to people.

Fortunately my Norton Anti-virus program stops the virus dead cold.

Has anyone else been getting viruses from this address or others?


P.S. you must keep current with updates for your antivirus software. It changes everyday. For real. Last week a new "type" was released. A variant of the KLEZ family. BugBear virus is "popular" this last week or so. Symantec releases an update to Norton AV everyday.


  • Steve Ebels
    Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
    I get

    About 2-3 a day. From different addresses though. My e-mail provider has a built in virus protection feature and it snags 'em all and deletes them before they get to me. They just send a notification that I recieved an infected message from whomever. Yesterday I got Klezed by Dave Holdorf but I would think that it's just using his name.
  • Patchogue Phil_2
    Patchogue Phil_2 Member Posts: 304
    spoofing an email address

    Every email virus I get from this "guy" has a different "FROM" name. But digging into the guts of the email I can see it is always from the same "real" email address, [email protected]

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