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Vapor/vacuum system?

nick z.
nick z. Member Posts: 157
Went back to the old girl today people had no heat.Watewr was below the cutoff.I filled it to 1/2 way on the sight glass and the burner kicked on.While I was waiting for steam I talked with the H.O. about the system.It is a EFM comb. oil/coal. The piping is 2 pipe with no visible traps. There is 1 air vent right by the equalizer loop. The only thing i could see on the vent was "ANDERSON".
The H.O.tells me it don't work bad on coal, but on oil it won't satsify the T-stat set @ 72.She also told that they loved this boiler when they got it."The old was was down in a pit and so hard to get to."she said.Now that did set an alarm off in my head. The wet return comes up about 2' to get back into the boiler. But remeber, this system did work good up to a yr.ago.Now we are getting close to making steam and the water level began to bounce a little, then it shot right up to the top pf the glass and stayed there. I ran upstairs thinking I would hear hammer but I didn't.Actually it seemed to be working quite well exzcept for the fact of a couple rads that don't heat upstairs, and very high oil consumption.
the husband says ther isn't any hammer and the wife says its been doing it so long he' used to hearing it but I didn't hear any.
To sum it up the custmer say they have Water hammer, high oil cunsomption, and rads that don't heat,and on oil won't satsify t-stat.
The water in the glass is dirty and bounces around. Actually it wnt ot the top and stayed there.
I'm thinking I should downfire the burner for a longer runcycle, but how much do I drop the nozzle size? I also plan to clean the boiler. Any thing else?


  • Boonierat
    Boonierat Member Posts: 58
    High fuel bills

    Just a thought here.............., if the air vents ain't working (plugged, partially plugged) then your trying to compress air.
    Boiler pressure goes up....then shuts off because this system is regulated by pressure. Heats not satisfied so the damned fool boiler don't know any better and tries the same stunt.
    Watch the fuel bills go up.
    Gawd...................................I love steam.
    Stay loose; stay well,...................Nels
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