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Heating replacement square foot cost?

Chuck_7 Member Posts: 71
Does anyone have an idea of a ball park cost per square foot to replace a steam heating system with a complete new hot water baseboard system in a large older residential building (10,000 SF). Upstate New York.


  • don_9
    don_9 Member Posts: 395

    Chuck,that a hard question to answer.Sight unseen,To many
    variable,We dont go by square feet,we use a program to do a load calculation,This take the guess work out of the equation.Look to the left at find a contactor type in your zip,and call a pro,good luck.
  • Chuck_7
    Chuck_7 Member Posts: 71

    The key words were "ball park".
  • Al_3
    Al_3 Member Posts: 79

    10,000 to 100,000 not much difference if you believe that a 0 has a worth of 0.---AL
  • with being as polite as possible

    how could you ask someone to price the cost of a job, when they would not be performing the work!! what kind of variables are on the job, what equipment are you needing, do you want low cost gamble or a complete job where you simply turn on the switch and set the temp. with a building this size get a few estimates from some reputable firms, and go with what/who you feel comfortable/confident with having to do the work, but remember that low cost will only last a short time, but quality will pay much longer!!
  • joel_14
    joel_14 Member Posts: 116

    Chuck, That's pretty Tough to do onsuch a large project .Old homes have lots of things that can really change the time frame and scope of the project. Much more detail would be needed to even come within a 10 or 20 thousand dollar Ball Park of an actual price. Example: We do some basic systems in 4000sqft mass production houses that can be in the range of 20,000$. However we are doing one 4200sqft custom house right now where the cost is well over 100,000.$ for an eleborate system ,6 or 7 xs the cost of a similar sized house right down the street.
  • Tim_14
    Tim_14 Member Posts: 23
    just did one

    of those in a 1,300sq ft and the bill was 8,700
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,723
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  • JIM F.
    JIM F. Member Posts: 82
    ball park

    are there options - as like hydro-air(ability to do central air). or radiant. maybe stricktly base board. i agree wiyh the previous posts. with out seeing what your getting involed with there is no way someone could give you a price over the phone(or the wall)! is is a 1900 building with old plaster walls. is it a slab under new contruction were it would be very difficult to route pipes. do you want the pipes insulated. what type of boiler are you using (new- old) if old, does the boiler need servicing or upgrading. oh will the old boiler handle the load. where is the job located to where you reside. is it way out of the way?
    many things come to play. if just trying to get a "real" price i would recomend the contactor listing on this site
    jim f.
    milford, ct.
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