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Water-King Any experience?

I have received an ad for the Water-King which is a gizmo that clamps to copper water pipes and is supposed to electronically alter the charge of the minerals in the water and soften the water without removing the minerals. I am skeptical that once the water has been drawn that it can permanently keep the water soft. Has anyone tried this thing?
Bob Jordan


  • Gary Fereday
    Gary Fereday Member Posts: 427
    I have one!

    It is a set of magnets (powerful) that are strapped on the water line. About the only thing I noticed different was that my small under counter electric water heater, the build up of scale truned to a course sugar consistancy. and it flowed to the kitchen sink faucet where it clogged up the areator, also took out the D/W fill valve. My shower head has limed up anyway. It is not on the water heater that caused the problem. I see and feel no different after showering. (I do get clean ie, look better) Hard water still leaves spots on things like before. On retro spect, I think it is a con. You can get commercial magnets for large systems from suppliers, but I never hear of them being speced out by engineers. anyway bigugh
  • Mark J Strawcutter
    if it doesn't work

    you can always install them on the fuel line on your truck to increase gas mileage by up to 30%


  • eric_2
    eric_2 Member Posts: 148
    Do it right

    the first time. Get a water test done and save the wasted money on the gizmos. I've seen them come and go over the past couple of years and have yet to hear that one worked. I think Field Controls may have made one a few years ago but I could be mistaken. I basicly refuse to sell them and let the HO's buy them at the Home Depot if they want them that bad. It just saves me a headache in the long run..
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