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Calling Glenn Stanton....Independence PV venting

BoilerproBoilerpro Posts: 410Member
Have a one pipe steam system, bad chimney, and owner wants to go with propane. Getting comflicting info from two different Burnham wholesalers. One says Independence PV cannot be used with propane, the other says it just must be factory converted. For venting, the basement ceiling is right near ground level, so I want to go through wall to outside (above grade) and up a foot or two and then 90 away from house wall to stay above any snow accumulation. One wholesaler told me vent slopes up away from boiler for wall venting, just got copy of I/O manual and for wall venting it says slope down from boiler. If I slope up could I use a drip tee to catch any condensate running back toward boiler and then run out wall and up. Also, manual states only Burnham AL29-4C vent material is approved for use...I use Heat Fab AL29-4C for other applications.

Too much confusion!



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