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Melting Slush

>Gary Im a wirsbo dealer here in Canada im working on a job right now. I will do a heat loss for you right now check it out and see what you think .
Hey Tom,

Thank you so much for responding,
I spent the last 2 days @ Dave Urell's place with Patrick Reed (training RH) & learning more & more about the "Wirsbo way". I've had input from a number of folks @ the MN shop. Perhaps you can tell me , why it is that when I deal with Wirsbo, I feel as if I am with family. That's a good feeling.
I believe that Upanor /Wirsbo Has a family TEAM. Education = Sales. Sales = profit.
I have benefited from the assistance of the Wirsbo team and wish I could give something back. But What?

So you are a Wirsbo dealer, ? Hmmmm. You want to help? The Wirsbo way. Thank you so much.
You offer (to me) a "heat loss right now"
Lets see if your #s Jive.

It's an "S" shaped driveway. in Newton Mass. "just West of Boston"
A new house.
He's got a "base coat of aphalt they put ontop of soil that has a good percelation rate. French drain's have been provided to drain off the mekted water. The aphfalt unfortunatly meets the garragre elevation and I think that area "must be broken out " & downward. Hmmm ? ,,to allow for 5/8" tubing w/ 1-1/12" of (aphalt ) I hate that stuff. Trying to convince him into paveing stones, (pavers)
The (steep)drive is on the N.E side of the home.
Sun shines throug trees only between 3-4pm in winter.(let's say NO solar gain)

2-car garage.
Exiting garage- "Turn around area - - back up space"; 825 sq. Ft.28'x 36"
(similar to Ipex manual of modern hydronicsp.120.)
S- shaped "steep" section: (15' wide.) average length is 55' from Turn around section,
TOTAL melt panel+ 1,833 Sq.Ft.

How big is my boiler going to be?
I know it's a (BAB), Big **** boiler. Over 200.00btu's. I'll have to ask you wet-headed guru's What do you recomend. for a class 2 system. (please leave brand names out.) I like Buderus & Munchkin;-)
I am going to use foil/bubble type Barrier Ins. bubble>down double bubble-foil; bubble-poly."
I know it is contraversial!" (ME) > I'll get thermister results if you ask. I 'll be using a lot of sensors to dictate information 4-5 thermisters burried @ different locations for research purposes. Lots of digital photographs too. I'm sure (ME) would approve, I'll send resuilts. (real world results)

Let's have fun.
It kills me to be in a bussiness that melts snow. I love snow. I miss the champagne powder of Colorado. I'm faced now with melting (slush). :-)

Thank you Tom:
& to All you Wetheads,
I look foreward to meeting you all @ the wetetest place of all . Marlborough?

The G. Man
Pipedream; Multimedia Sculptorist
(dreamer of pipes & stuff :-)


  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Class 2?

    defined as half the snow is melted as it's falling, the rest afterwards. Depending on snowfall amounts in your area you may be in the 125- 150 btus/ sq. ft. I'd say you are talking more like 300,000 load. I'd consider staging two condensing units for that kind of load.

    One thing to keep in mind about steep drives is where the snowmelt panel ends you may end up with a wall of ice! Like in the city's street :) They may get a little testy about a sheet, or ridge of ice in their right of way. Consider drainage and a way to handle this run off melt water.

    hot rod

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  • eleft_4
    eleft_4 Member Posts: 509

    save the money for the bubble stuff, when the hot asphalt hits it it's gone.
  • MI'm Melting,,, !!! Melting :-)

    Hey Bob<
    I miss you man! See you in Marlborough.
    Class 2, I mis-spoke. Mis-posted. oops :-(
    "manual of modern Hydronics" by (Kitec)
    I'm basing my system on this & input I've recieved from some GOOD guys with Wirsbo & other Wallie input. Last thing I want is a lawsuit when the BIG storm is come. the Client has a desire to not call for a plow.
    CLASS 2:
    Generally accepted as sufficient for most retail and commercial paved areas that must be kept clear of accumulating snow during a heavy snowfall, although the pavement will often remain wet. The rate of heat delivery to the surface is typically in the range of > 125-250 Btu's/Hr/sq. Ft.(depending on location.
    I'm looking @ 2 staged Munchkins.
    All tubing 6" O.C.
    17-19 loops of 5/8" of Multicore.
    Wirebo 411 W 2-3 thermisters.
    Drainage conciderations are in place( by others)
    Compacted sand 1-1-1/2 over tubing (no chance of damage to tubing during aphalt pour & bubble/foil/double bubble by TVM. (think more than 15% is lost to downward heat loss W/o ins? Hmmm,?

    No wall of Ice is expected at bottom of driveway. Big ole. trench drain in place that leeches to a dry area I hope:-)
    I've got alot to learn.

    Thanks Hotrod>

    The G. Man
    Happy Pipedreaming

  • Melting bubbles


    I'm using sand. 1-1-1/2" cover over rhe PEX. & bubble stuff. Going to run water through it for kicks.

    Why is it that everyone thinks the (foil-bubble) >
    TVM type prodoct is bad?

    I know there are alternitives. Insul-Tarp. is one. The blue polustyrene shets are another> I want to do the WHOLE JOB. I'm not an insulation contractor.

    You think under side insulation is not needed?
    15% lost or more.

    The G. Man
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