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oil tank codes - jim f.

Mike G
Mike G Member Posts: 3
NFPA is basically a set of recommended standards to provide some uniformity across the country. Each state typically begins with NFPA and modifies or adds from there to create their own regs. Here in Mass each individual city or town may ADD to the state wide code but they cannot remove or delete any of it so minor differences exist from town to town within the state. What I ALWAYS do before I even price a job is to talk over with the inspector, the local Fire Dept here in Mass, exactly what I plan on doing and what they want as far as code requirements. That way the final inspection goes smooth as silk and you aren't left with an additional cost if you have to go back and change or add something. Besides which you look a lot better in the eyes of your customer than having an inspector point out a violation.


  • JIM F.
    JIM F. Member Posts: 82
    oil tank codes

    i have a situation.
    putting 2 - 330 tanks twin. the code i understand is 9' from burner from international mechanical code. back and forth with g.c. that it is 5'. wants to put 2 - 330's within 5' from 2 v86 burnahms and a phase 3. i told him he could not do it and he got pissed. i'm looking for info to back my self when i go back. the house is in greenwich, ct.and about 11,000 -12,000 sq ft. he brought up cabo code. but i think the most stringent code applies. what do you think???
    jim f.
  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer Member Posts: 186

    here in RI its 5'
  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543
    when in doubt

    check with the AHJ, firemarshall or building inspection dept in town, county or state.
  • I believe in NFPA 31

    It says its 5 foot . I got the book in my truck but its not here . Anyone have it handy ? Also Jim I think the max in one home is 600 gallons ? I might be wrong .
  • Have the book here

    Forgot I brought it in . NFPA 31 , 2001 edition - 7.5.6

    Tanks between 10 gal. and 660 gal. capacity should not be placed within 5 feet horizontally from any source of heat , either in or external to any oil burning appliance ....

    Hope I didnt break any copyright laws .
  • Paul_6
    Paul_6 Member Posts: 88
    I have a

    copy of nfpa 31 from 97 in the house. section 1-14 says no part of the appliance may be closer than 3' from an electrical panel board and 5' from the tank. In Maine they consider the distance to be from either the burner or the combustion chamber. we also allow up to 990 gal storage per single appliance. if you have a duplex then your only allowed 660 per, for a max of 1320.

  • keith
    keith Member Posts: 224
    Cabo code

    applies to residential under a certain square footage. I believe its 8500 sq ft but don't quote me. How ever my experience has always been 5' from a source of ignition as a rule to plumb by.
  • Jerry
    Jerry Member Posts: 9

    Talk to your local Fire Official. Mine says: 1000g max, no closer than five feet unless separated by a 4" block wall. Then it can be as close as practical.
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