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does anyone make a decent digital camera for under $300? And how do you downsize the photos?All the ones I have sent to me are huge,like this one,thanks Dave Palmer


  • dave

    if you can find this, go to the edit and uncheck the attachment box, you should be able to resize this in your paint program if you have one.
  • John@Reliable
    John@Reliable Member Posts: 379
    Dave,click on

    Dave,Don't open post with attachment and it will look like this (it's your picture @ right size) Kodak DX3700 great for work stuff. Hope this helps!
  • Cameras

    Sony makes a line called Mavica. Mine is in my truck and I'm too lazy to go up and find the model number, but I think it's a MV-71; I bought it 5 or 6 years ago and I think it was around $700, but prices have gone down.

  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer Member Posts: 186

    thanks,down to $500 now,Dave
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    bought my Olympus

    for about 300. Came with a program for sixing and saving. I bought it at Staples.

    The guy to talk to is Ron Jr. He helped me sizing and saving the first time.


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  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,714
    Here's one I took

    with my Casio QV-3000EX. The current model is the QV-3500EX which is also 3-megapixel and they recently came out with the QV-4000 (model# may not be exact) which is a 4 megapixel. I think the 3500 is down below $500 now.

    This photo shows the WRONG way to pipe a Burnham V-34. My batteries ran out the day we repiped it, didn't have spares, and I haven't been back since.

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  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543

    Kodak's got a 4 mega pixel for around $399 ( Walmart- Staples etc. ) Has anybody used one yet am about ready to jump on the digital pic. bandwagon and am leaning towards that one based on price/ pixel ratio
  • corey
    corey Member Posts: 45
    Resize for Email etc.

    Even cheap cameras these days have very high resolution, require significant space to store their files, and will appear very large in a web browser, which makes no attempt to resize a JPEG image relative to your screen resolution.
    Also, folks with slow internet connections will curse you!

    For example, the photo you posted is very high quality at 2048x1536 pixels (3 mega-pixels).
    This is ideal for archival or printing purposes, but the file is 2.8MB, which is larger than many email providers allow for an attachment, and may overflow typical mailbox accounts (even if they can receive them).
    As you noticed, if your screen resolution is set to a typical 1024x768, it will certainly not fit on the screen.
    In fact, most monitors are not even capable of displaying in a resolution that high, so much of the quality of the image is essentially 'wasted' onscreen.

    There are 2 solutions to this problem:
    1) Some cameras allow you to take photos in a low-resolution mode. The quality will be lower, but it will take less space (you can store more photos), and will be more suitable for electronic distribution.

    2) Resize photos prior to distribution. Almost all cameras come with an imaging application that will let you shrink a photo to a lower resolution. There are many applications that can do this, including ACDSee, PhotoShop, Paintshop, PhotoDraw, etc. Usually 800x600 is good enough, looks great in a browser, and takes very little space (usually less than 100k, or 1/30 the space).

    Unfortunately, Windows (to my knowledge, perhaps XP?) does not include a utility to resize JPEG images.

    Best of luck
  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer Member Posts: 186

    whats wrong with that piping job? haaha love the cad cell relay too, owner have a bad back?
  • Dave Palmer
    Dave Palmer Member Posts: 186

    for all the help kodak dx3700 is under $225 online, thanks guys, Dave
  • Steve Ebels
    Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
    You might want to consider......

    A digital camcorder. Gateway has 3 Canon models on sale right now at their site. They will take still pics or video and also have audio capability. The pixel count isn't as high as a good camera but is more than adequate for ordinary use. They start at about $500. The way I understand it is that they can utilize a mini digital casette or a smart card. You may also want to buy stock in Duracell or Eveready the way these things eat batteries.

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  • Dave_4
    Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405
    shrink photo

    i got a canon s110 6 months ago...couldn't be happier (i've taken over 2000 photos of my 1st born son)...it's 2.1 m-pixels plenty for excellent 4x6,....we even printed a 10x12 on an $80 canon printer using highest quality paper, and we were amazed at how pro it came out (took 3 minutes to print)....anyway, it came w/2 batteries that last thru many dozen photos, came w/cable that plugs into the USB of your pc/laptop, uses compact flash cards, came w/one 16meg card & an 8 meg($55 for a 128 meg card that holds 150 hi-res shots or 300 med res shots) came w/slew of software including decent photobrowser/organizer, best free photo editor (nno more redeye plus you can crop to an exact 4x6, double or triple up on marginal shots, clone-out distracting labels, photostitch for those panoramic wide screen shots, etc) some other gimmicky stuff, AND...it takes 30 second video clips with sound (at about 3 megs a pop)
    you may find one for +/- $300, or check ebay
  • Jim_3
    Jim_3 Member Posts: 3

    Picures that come out of a camera are usually large if they are any good for printing, about 200 dots per inch for the low end (5x7). The monitors we look at them with are around 72 dots per inch so they appear much bigger. A monitor has much more dynamic range than a piece of paper though.You need to downsize your pics to around 640 x 480. 800x 600 works too. A program like Irfanview is free, and very usefull. So is Paint Shop Pro, but it costs money.

    Photoshop is the best, but there is a steep learning curve.

    For all your photo needs do log on to WWW.DPreview.com , and check into the forums there. I'm always on the Olympus forum. And the printer forum. And the other forums... :)

    Lots to learn. Digital cameras are great.

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