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Good News on my Vegas

Well gang, it seems we are on the way to peace with my Vega boilers. After two years of trouble with Beckett AFII's in my twin Vegas, Lou Boyce from QHT in NH came to the rescue.
Lou is the Nationl Sales Manager and after I contacted him with my problems that have been familiar to Wallers, he arrived on my doorstep with the original installing contractor.

And he arrived with two new Reillo burners. They set about removing the Beckett AFIIs, cleaning and installing the Reillos. I had already swapped the two intakes on the two Field Control vents so that when one burner was on, it took in clean air from one vent and exhausted into the other in a attempt to get the Becketts to work consistantly.

At 3:00 am the next morning I had to find my way into the boiler room and check. I had not heard the usual noise and thought that something went wrong. Nope, just not used to quiet. The primary loop was at set temperature and so back to bed.

I am impressed! These Reillo burners are very quiet, seem to thrive on the positive pressure chamber and light very smoothly. Of course time will tell but we have never had such a simple setup. A local stainless frabricator is making an exhaust system to replace the Field Controls vents. The new one will have two separate exhausts through one of the core drilled holes in the brick with the intakes in the other hole. The exhaust pipes are shaped like capital D' back to back to fit into the round hole. Thus we can keep the two boilers from pushing fumes back into each other.

I will post the new setup soon. It has been busy in the shop and I am running a mite behind.

I wanted to thank Lou Boyce who is new at QHT Inc. for making this happen. It appears we now have a proper functioning combination of Reillo burner and Vega boiler.
I still can't believe how quiet these thing are. I will post news as they get a bit of service time on them.

doug (in ME where the nights are crisp!)


  • Robert O'Connor
    Robert O'Connor Member Posts: 97
    glad they

    made you happy . I think just moving your intakes would have solved your problem. I'm all for making the manufacturers step up to the plate and solve these problem jobs.
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