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Your recollections of 9/11

Earthfire Member Posts: 543
Was watching the tube in the office doing some never ending paperwork, When the network cut in. At first thought that the pilot must have been drugged or suicidal then watch the second plane hit. Immediately I thought of my son ,a 22 yr. old MARINE corporal, and all the other Kids out there that are going to have to crawl thru mountains and deserts and assorted other hellholes, to try and fix a problem that our political and industrial opportunists created. The great AMERICAN dollar that the world can't do with out is financing the Saudi terrorrists. The Bechtel's, Exxon's, Mobil's, Halliburton's , Time Warner, and everybody else (Including the government) that paid and is paying commissions ( READ BRIBES ) To the BINLADDIN CLAN and the other desert extorsionists, That enable them to threaten the world economy and at the same time attack innocent people.GOD help and save those kids in uniform cause thier own equipment is killing them faster then the enemy.When will the politicos an the doogooder political correcters learn that TEDDY ROOSEVELT was right. Talk softly but carry a BIG STICK


  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246

    As we approach the dreaded anniversary, The News is interested in your feedback regarding 9/11. It's a simple three-question survey at www.achrnews.com. We'd like your thoughts on the day that changed America.
  • I remember well

    I was in new york the day befor.Went to the yankee game on sunday 9-9-01.Spent the night in new york.Went to little Italy sunday night and monday 9-10-01.Monday we were only a few blocks from the WTC.We almost stayed over monday night again but two of my buddies said no.Check out these pics.

  • chuck shaw
    chuck shaw Member Posts: 584
    I had just walked

    into a coustomers home, she told me that a plane had hit one of the towers. I told her that this had happend to the Empire State Building once, right around the time World War two ended. As I started unloading my truck I could hear jets taking off from Otis AFB (Camp Edwards) on Cape Cod. The 104th fighter wing (i believe). I went back into the home and she told me the other tower had been hit. I tried to keep working, I had a radio turned to who I later found out was Howard Stern (seemed strangely professional). The only thing I could think of, is that I was living in a Tom Clancy novel.

    Chuck Shaw

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  • Mark Eatherton1
    Mark Eatherton1 Member Posts: 2,542
    How well I remember...

    I was working with my partner that day (a RARITY) installing a special ceiling hung radiant panel.

    It took all we had to keep us from wanting to go home and hug or wives and kids. I remember telling him that this meant war, and that we'd probably need to think about laying people off. Strange thing, we actually got busier from that day forward.

    Not sure how I'll spend the anniversary though... Deep in thought for those who've lost loved ones I guess..


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  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595

    I was diggin' out a 1000 gallon oil tank when the act of war occured. I sent the boys home to be with their families and retrieved Mrs Mad Dog and the kids....sent them further out on Long Island, where they would be safe,,,,,went to the safe...and got ready for WAR!!!!!!!!!was sooooooo frustrated in the ensuing weeks...wanted to join the Marines,,,,blah blah blah BLAH!!!!!! The wife and I were physically ill for two weeks and majorly depressed over what had happened. Ma Sweeney, the Matriarch of our Family had to slap me back into reality......."Matt....you've got a wife and 2 kids AND a business that all depend on you, you can't go oversees......immense frustration, and a few months later, I found my role.....HOMELAND SECURITY.... Lock and Load...14th Brigade..."SECOND TO NONE!!!!!!!!!!! When it happened, I just wanted tp drop the shovel and pick up my rifle (you know what I mean??????) The way I will spend 11 September will be in uniform, loaded for bear (terrorist) , ready "TO ROLL" (In Memory of Todd) and doing what I love: Plumbin' and Heatin'!!!!BUT....ready to drop the wrench and pick up the rifle.........Mad Dog........We'll! you did ask didn't you???????

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  • Bob Murray
    Bob Murray Member Posts: 20
    I was.....

    Jetting a sewer line. I could hear the TV on upstairs once in a while. When I was done jetting, I had to video the line. I had my radio in the truck on trying to get the details. I remember just wanting to be DONE so I could go home and hug my wife and kids. It was indeed a sad day that changed my outlook on life forever.

  • Dave Yates (PAH)
    Dave Yates (PAH) Member Posts: 2,162

    I was just leaving a board meeting for York Central Market & wandered into that venerable institution for a cup of Joe. The coffee vendor had Howard Stern on ther radio, which reminded me of several complaints we'd received & I asked him to turn off that show. He remarked that a plane had hit the WTC building and that a second plane, presumably some knucklehead tv reporter had hit the second tower. He turned off the station.

    Returning to the office, I was called to the York Fair to assist on a concession rooftop compressor replacement. On the way there, I tuned in the radio & got my first real understanding of the magnitude. This wasn't some small airplane, but full sized models. The realization of what was happening hit me like a ton of bricks.

    Arriving at the York Fair, I found the fire dept had a tv tuned to what was happening. Both towers still stood. Rooftop to the compressor and a bird's eye view of the midway. Odd justaposition of reality as the screems of excited joyful riders of midway attractions mixed with visuals of people huddled around radios - some crying. Some knew - others did not yet.

    Our crew on top of Jack's Mountain, overlooking the underground pentagon and a stone's throw from Camp David, were ordered off of the mountain after the crash in western PA.

    Some of us were listening to the radio in the office, otheres glued to the tv at the York Fair fire house, children at home attentive to CNN & others in transit from the mountain. All sharing the common bond we have and feeling the pain suffered by our fellow workers, loved ones and family members in the WTC or on flight 97.

    A terrible anger arose in my psyche & thoughts of what it must have been like for those first hearing about Pearl Harbor. I knew in an instant that we would strike back.

    Tonight I'm reading Newsweek & the article about surrendered Taliban soldiers dying by suffication while in captivity and wondering why I should care. The image of 9/11 precludes my ability to be sympathetic to their plight and thoughts of murderous mayhem occur regarding how I would choose to see them die. Reason settles in & I think that it is not good to become as corrupt as our enemies in thought, word or deed. And yet.....

    I have yet to view the footage of bodies falling from the towers & hear the sickening thuds. I can't stay in the same room without changing the channel. Friday, I will be in the Big Apple for the first time since that day. My niece had to move from her loft apartment that had been just a few blocks from the WTC - couldn't take it anymore. I'm not looking forward to seeing the skyline without the WTC buildings & know that my mentally preserved image of NYC will be permanently altered.

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  • John@Reliable
    John@Reliable Member Posts: 379

    Was doing an oil tank replacement and customer came downstairs to tell us a plane had hit the tower.We though how could this happen. We kept working then he came down again and said THEY hit the other one, we are at war!!! This customer was a Vietnam vet. and said no one would ---- with him or his family again and he was ready. In the basement were ammo boxes like the ones they sell in army/navy stores.He opened some up to show us they were full and he knew how to use them from Vietnam.There had to be 25 full boxes in basement for a M-16 rifle. The customer had tears in his eyes about being at war again.I will never forget that look on his face.
  • John@Reliable
    John@Reliable Member Posts: 379

    These really give you a sense of how big those towers were.Thanks for post
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909

    YOU LET IT RIP!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing worse than having to keep the feelings pent up because the PC crowd is around!!!!!

    Wonder if this is how the Minute Men felt? Wonder if this is how the poor B**tards that watched Pearl get blasted felt?

    OHHHHHH, I'll never apologize for being AMERICAN, and if they REALLY want to mix it up..........

    B R I N G I T O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mark H

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  • steve gates
    steve gates Member Posts: 329
    was with

    the wife in the hospital(biopsy,benign)thinking this is only the tip of the iceberg. I still believe this. I,like President Bush am a patient man, but we need to do more sooner than latter.
  • J.C.A.
    J.C.A. Member Posts: 349

    I was doing what would be my last Wet Install for my old company when I heard the news . I had to run home and comfort my roomate who had recently been "released" from employment by Merryl Lynch, whos compound was quite close in proximity to the WTC.
    I recalled living just down the street for almost 6 months, while working for the USCG, looking out over New York harbor and the Statue of Liberty for my wakeup every morning.
    My outlook changed and now I'm doing a job I love , for the reasons I love. My roomate has lost some friends , but is doing something she loves for the reasons SHE LOVES. The world was turned upsidedown for lots of people that day . I personally lost a couple of friends and customers in both of the flights flown into the WTC. A lot of folks from this area (easterm Ma.) lost their doctor that day , Dr. Fred Remalli, and life as we knew it changed in the blink of an eye .
    I quit my job of almost 17 years about 1 week later , cause my thinking has changed and I want to do what pleases me instead of making money for some faceless @$$hole.
    Hug your kids and your parents if you can , on this day .
    Life changed and WE have to learn to make the best of it .
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    sad day

    I walked into my office just as one of my men came in with a cell phone. His friend had called and said a plane had hit the World Trade tower. We turned on the radio and sat in shock. I was able to go home and see my wife and a friend who had come to stay with us. She was to leave the next day and wound up staying ( like family ) for another week.
    The three of us sat and watched as the second tower was hit. I remember thinking how amazing it was that those towers could stand after taking that kind of hit. Later I heard that they could'nt.
    After hearing of the enormity of what had happened, I sent everyone home. A contractor called and said why send everyone home " Theres nothing that they can do ", I said " This is a time to be with family ".

    I heard two days later that a friend had been on the second plane. This was a huge man from a small town with a large heart. His loss shook our small town with a wave that still echos thru our town. At his funeral, my uncle told me he had lived thru Pearl Harbor and that this was worse. The feeling of dread and that our world had changed forever was like a cement coat I wore for days.

    Days later I was in my backyard building a small tree house for my two sons. The feelings that ran thru me where so strange. Here I was doing what was a pure and loving act for my two small boys and around me the world was falling apart.

    I am an optimist, the world will go on, our country will go on, we will continue to bear any burden that is givin us and we will persevere.

    Those weeks shook my belives more than any event in my life.

    I have recovered and so has our country. We should never forget but in memory of those lost, we should never step down.


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  • Patrick_2
    Patrick_2 Member Posts: 26

    > I was in new york the day befor.Went to the

    > yankee game on sunday 9-9-01.Spent the night in

    > new york.Went to little Italy sunday night and

    > monday 9-10-01.Monday we were only a few blocks

    > from the WTC.We almost stayed over monday night

    > again but two of my buddies said no.Check out

    > these pics.

    > http://www.theseiferths.com/nypics

  • Patrick_2
    Patrick_2 Member Posts: 26

    I am looking at those pictures and think about my sister, she works for goldman sachs just a block away. I thank God everyday for sparing her life. You see she was in a cab when the first tower was struck and could feel the earth move, she thought it was another bomb at the trade center like in 1993 (she was there for that as well). As she was getting out of her cab she looked up at the towers and saw the damage from the first and watched the second on plunge into the second tower. She had many freinds who worked in the towers, some were lucky, some were not. To this day there are people in NYC who need help dealing with this. They can not work, eat or live a normal life, my sister is a strong woman and she has been able to keep her life on track.

    Anyhow what I was doing when this tragedy happened was sitting at my desk, plugging away when I get a call on the telephone "OH MY GOD PAT!!!!! THE TOWERS ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!! LYNNE IS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!!!!! OH MY GOD WHAT CAN WE DO?!?!?!!?" I sprung from my chair and turned on the tv and satelite we have for training and sure enough the first tower was hit. I sat and watched as the second one hit. I felt sick, helpless and very very angry!! All I could think about was my sister Lynne, that if anything happened to her, I dont know what I would do but it would not be civalized. I tried to call her cell phone but with the towers down no way to get through. So I waited and waited and waited and finally I got a call from her, she was in tears but physically fine THANK GOD. "Pat I am ok, I am in a store front and they are makeing us get back, OH GOD, the towers are coming down. I have to go." It was later in the evening that we finally heard from her again. SHE IS SAFE is all I could think of. This is getting to me, can not cry at work. I would like to say, MAD DOG you need a private in your army give me a call. The first thing I did when I got home was hug the wife and kid and second was LOCK & LOAD. I would love to go over and put some toe tags on some Taliban ****. WE SHALL PREVAIL!!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!
  • Art Pittaway_2
    Art Pittaway_2 Member Posts: 80
    My wife

    had left for O'hare Field in Chicago at 7:00 to fly to New Jersey for a business conference. I was at the office and as I started to hear the news I wondered how far she had gotten. The busses to O'hare were reloaded and sent home. We were both very glad she didn't get an earlier flight. This year we are both going to "celebrate" 9-11 by attending the cancelled conference together. We are going to fly to Las Vegas and be working a booth thru the 11th. I'm a Vietnam Vet, I know the Air Force doesn't want an old guy like me back, so the best way I can thumb my nose at the enemy is business as usual. So, this year two tickets, please.
  • kevin_5
    kevin_5 Member Posts: 308
    My memory

    I hadn't left home yet that morning, The ringing phone was my sister telling us the story. My wife said, "Turn on the TV," a plane had just hit the world trade center.

    I immediately said, "Was it terrorists?" My only surprise was that something like this hadn't happened sooner.
    We watched the second one hit, and later when the tower began to fall I couldn't believe my eyes. I yelled to my wife, "Come back and see this, it's falling down just like the walls of Jericho in the Bible." Unbelievable

    I told our almost four year old daughter that some deceived, wicked men who didn't love Jesus had stolen an airplane and crashed it into the towers killing themselves and a lot of people; and that she might be too young to remember it, but that she should try.

    My thought was that if they could get a few fanatics to do it, why not one in every major city that day. Thank God it didn't happen.

    We prayed that God would help and comfort all those involved, and later in the afternoon I went to work. I didn't want to go. Radiant heat in someone's new home seemed pretty trivial in the face of such unimaginable loss and pain, but I knew that the world would go on and that tomorrow things would still need to get done.

    Even that thought was far from a comfort, it seemed rather irreverent and cold.

    I recently heard Michael Savage say on the radio that the NEA National Education Assoc. is telling teachers that they should be careful not to pin this act on any particular group, and that if anything they should blame it on America's insensitivity.
    How much are we gonna take fellas, before we wake up and speak the truth whether it's popular or not, or even whether it's bad for business? Kevin
  • PJO
    PJO Member Posts: 140

    Like everyone else. I will always remember that day.

    I was going over some aging paharmaceutical equipment when a total stranger walked up and told me the news. He had a look of shock, disbelief and anger. My look soon copied his as I scrambled back to my desk and saw it myself.

    I joined a small group of people on top of the highest building at our site, which is about 25 miles away from the WTC. You could see each tower and the smoke through binoculars...then one came down. It was at that point I started to weep, and walked away from the group. I couldn't stop thinking about my family and their safety, along with the thousands of poor souls in that building.

    I called the wife, then the house where the babysitter was out with our 3 year old...I felt an immediate urge to find them and was frustrated that I could not. I called the school where my older two kids where, and they said that there where strict orders to not tell any children about the attacks, and the day was going on as normal.

    I left work early after finally getting ahold of the babtsitter, so I could get my kids. When I got them home I sat and tried to explain what had happened to my children, while wiping away my tears. My older two understood somewhat, and the youngest kept asking painful yet innocent questions that where very hard to answer even today..."Daddy, why would people do this?"..."Daddy, why do people have to die because of this?"...

    As a veteran, and the son of a 2-tour Vietnam chopper pilot, I felt the urge to retaliate as Mad Dog so perfectly described. I also felt it was better to take care of the most important thing at that point - my own family. When my wife got home we talked like we hadn't talked in years.

    I called a neighbor to cancel a meeting that was scheduled that night, and he was very upset because his daughter was just a few floors below the second impact area. He finally got a call from her later that night.

    The next day I reluctantly went to work, and the guy right next to me had an uncle and cousin in the Manhatten FD. His cousin was killed, but his uncle escaped as the first tower came down...he was in the hotel lobby alongside the tower and ran in the only direction (of four) that ended up being right. Nearly every man in their company at that site was killed. I later heard the entire story of this man's journey through my co-worker, including dodging the falling bodies, to somehow escaping through the rubble. He also said the funeral services for his cousin where absolutely unforgettable...bagpipes and all.

    That night we had a very subdued birthday celebration for our youngest...Liam turned four. It was nice to see him still enjoy himself somewhat...kids are like that because of their innocence and resiliency, I guess.

    To this day, whenever I think about 9/11 I feel so many emotions...anger, hatred, fear, pride/love of country and family, and sorrow. The tears still occassionally flow as well. Since my wife was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago (with something I won't discuss), I have never been too proud to cry...and still feel like a man. The events of 9/11 probably did that same thing to many men. Strange how tragedies remind us of what's important, and what is right...

    Since that unforgettable day, the world has changed so much. Let's perservere if, for no other reason, to show the rotten **** that we will overcome!

    God bless the victims and their families from that day.

    Take Care, PJO
  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    Working early, went by in-laws for breakfast. First tower was burning on TV when I walked in.

    2nd tower hit, immediately though "Nutso Arabs." No offense meant, but that's what I thought.

    Was saying out loud, "the one hit at the top might make it, but the one hit in the middle is gonna collapse on itself."

    1st tower fell, had to open store. 2nd tower fell during drive.

    Had visions of a religious war culminating in nuclear bombs and was imagining returning to Marines and trying to figure out what I could do now that I'm older and heavier...

    Got upset that my President wasn't talking to me--kept thinking of how Air Force One is a travelling command center with full, immediate access to the media as well as the military. If ever there was a time for both "cowboy words" and reassurance, that was it. I'd lay down my life if called, but he still lost a good measure of personal respect that day.

    Either that or the following evening, realized the unimaginable horror of the passengers in the 2nd plane to hit the towers--with that sweeping curve giving a view of the 1st tower in flames they were the only ones who really knew what was going to happen.

    I broke down sobbing for their souls and the idea that any living being could do such a thing--it just happened again--I try not to think about that aspect...

  • Patrick_2
    Patrick_2 Member Posts: 26


    Please find out where the this originated from and if it is fact or not. How can this be blamed on USA insensitivity??? If anyone tries to teach my son that I will pull him out of there so fast. Sounds like another chance for someone to change history to hide the guilty. What a crock, I can not believe that statement.

    Mad Dog - We got work to do!!!! Lets mount up!!!!
  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246

    I was far-removed from the panic. I was in my basement office (I work at home) and I got an e-mail from another staffer who said that a plane had just hit the Trade Center. I walked into the rec room and put on the TV. I didn't leave that room for the next several hours -- transfixed by the horror. I didn't work at all that day.

    I called my Mom and Dad and listened as Dad kept saying "I can't believe it, I can't believe it." He was sobbing and couldn't finish a sentence. My Dad is a WWII vet and I had never, in my 48 years, heard him cry like that. I'll never forget that moment.
  • I heard it first

    on the radio , on Howard Stern , on the way to my 1st water heater of the day . Say what you will about him , he did a very decent job of keeping us radio listeners up to date on the events . After hearing about what was going on , like most everyone else , my heart wasnt in the work at all . My 2nd heater was in Great Neck - one step away from NYC . We saw the smoke from the fire very clearly from there . By the time we wrapped up around 3 , travelling was a nightmare . Even from Great Neck , all traffic heading west was rerouted . The LIE , all the major roads and even sideblocks heading west from Nassau County were blocked . It took me 2 1/2 hours to get home , when its usually 1/2 hour , but I was too stunned to care .
  • jerryb
    jerryb Member Posts: 113

    Anybody who spent the years durning the TET offenceive (67-68) in the loveley NAM know what it feels like,GOD BLESS ALL WHO DIDN'T COME THRU AND ALL WHO DID.
  • kevin_5
    kevin_5 Member Posts: 308

    Aug 19 article by Ellen Sorokin in Washington Times is one source of the NEA PC story. Check out "Savage Nation" nightly on the radio for more of the outrageous.
  • Steve Eayrs
    Steve Eayrs Member Posts: 424
    ON 9/11 my wife and I........

    were asleep at our Daughters house, in Anchorage Alaska, 260 miles from home. We were woke up by a phone call from a friend on the East coast. (5 hours time difference). Turned to tv on and had a hard time believing we were not dreaming. Felt so removed from the actual pain of it. It looked like a movie. Was glad we had driven and not flown up, since everything, including small private planes were grounded for quite a few days. The sadist part is this was very well the begining of a long war, which I pray does not manifest on our soil, but very well could.

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    I love every one of our Vietnam Vets

    You guys kicked hiny over there, but never got the proper credit. If we ever meet, you won't be able to buy a drink in my prescence!!!!! God Bless you and God Bless America...Matt Mad Dog Sweeney

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  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    Lock and load my brother........................................

    we'll ride out at dawn!!!!!! I'd love nothing more than to take them all out or die in the effort!!! I love this Country so much it hurts...its given' me soo much. Yes that is true. Michael Savage is an excellent talk show host on 770 am WABC in N.Y. Very aggressive, but accurate style. Yes you are right...it is the enemy within that will "give" our country away piece by piece, and the average Joe, won't even notice until it is too late....George Washington????? Who's that? ahh! just some old dude!!!!!!! you know what I mean. I fight revisionist history and the PC agenda at every turn, and if you don't like it either, it is incumbent upon you to do the same!!!! Mad Dog

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  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    MY Recollections of 911

    I run a branch office for the investment firm of Advest Inc. in Garden City NY , which is aproximately 23 miles east of Manhattan. Along with the corner office came a spectacular, unobstructed view of the NYC skyline. We have all seen the footage of the horror, but my perspective of the event was not captured on any film, although it is forever burned in the deepest parts of my brain and soul. I arrived at the office that morning at about eight a.m. and proceeded to do what I do every morning for the past fifteen or so years: turn on my Quotron, flip the TV on and prepared for the arrival of my brokers and staff. I had on CNBC (I really despise those financial weatherman, because that is what they really are) taking in the mornings headlines as my adrenalin started to flow getting ready for the opening bell in what had been at that point a very long and ugly bear market. I felt more optimistic that day after, experiencing a pretty decent rally in the preceeding weeks. What happened next was very surrealistic. As people started to dribble in to work, my phone rang, it was my boss calling on his cell phone, "... Sweeney! look out your window" I expected to here him say "I'm passing your building now and give me a wave." Instead, he said '...look at the Twin Towers" "yeah, OK so what!"
    "look man! a plane ran into it" It was an exceptionally clear morning, really clear, no haze, nothing, just blue sky from me to the buildings. As I focused I could see a plume of smoke trail from the Tower blowing south. " Holy S--t" my boss the say's " they say some small plane accidentally ran into the building" my reply was " No Way... this is a suicide attack, there is absolutley no way on earth this could have happened by mistake." I grabbed my field glasses and concentrated on the scene: As folks gathered around the many different TV screens in the office just scratching their heads in amazement I keep looking through the field glasses. This is where my perspective is so strange. All at once the outline of the towers were complety engulfed in a giant ball of circular flame - a tremendous fireball that lingered for two or three seconds then it was gone. At this point I heard screams of horror coming from outside my office. What I had just witnessed live with my own eyes was the second plane smashing through number two! What everyone else had seen was on the TV, I yelled " Holy F%#@$!k the whole thing just blew up" It was then that I found out what eveyone else saw. I had clients and freinds working in the trade Center that day, I tried to call them, "...... the number you have dialed is not in service or has temporaraly been disconnected." The Market did not open. As we sat there in absolute shock, watching the replays, I continued to veiw from my window. Now with two trails of smoke pouring southward I commented, " those ****!!!!!! may have hit us but they can not knock us down. Not too long after what no none that could happen, did. I now entered part two of my life. It was then I called my wife for the third time and said, " Go to the bank now and take out a lot of cash!" " Why she asked?" "Because we are at war. My office managers husband is a NYC Firefighter, He was on light duty at the time. He called his wife and just said " I gotta go!" and he left for Ground Zero to assist and to do what they all loved to do, respond when people are literaly running the other way. Only the fireman knew the horrific truth about how many people must have perished. The rest of us only found out later on. I called my Brother, Matt, and we quick did a mental inventory of what we had in the way of defending our family, our town, our city, our country. We could have held off and terminated many hundreds of the enemy - if we had to. We were ready for the worst. That night I drank a lot but it really had no effect.The next day I went to work, I called my high school and college football teammate that was there. At seven am he answered his phone. " Atkinson" was all I said he then told me everything non stop for thirty minutes. that conversation in itself is a book. He said the worst part was that the Firemen were keeping a lot of people in the lobby out of harm's way from the falling debris and falling, live Human beings. He made it home to his familly, but two of his neighbors on his block never did. Their wives were asking if they had seen them, he did not. In the following days we all read about who was dead or missing. the next day my mom had called to tell me that my old high school football and rugby team mate (we played in Europe together and kicked the crap out of the French and Brits)was one of the first to die he was hit by debris along with Father Judge. Captain Timothy Stackpole had just come off a two year disability, much of it in the burn unit of Columbia-Presbertyrian hospital. Tim had survived a building collapse where two of his fellow fighters had perished. He was a Father of five who could have retired with a fat pension and was already a hero to the entire NYC Fire Dept., but that was not in his blood, only a short time before September 11th he went back on full active duty. Again his story is a book in itself. For the next ten days I went to work, but the markets did not open. I would talk to clients and put in a full day. I felt it was the least I could do. I always wondered what would NYC look like if there was a nuclear strike. The plumes of smoke had now shifted north and for almost a week I could see that cloud of pulverized and incinerated debris and Humanity stretch entirely over Manhattan and to the east- all the way to where I was sitting. I estimated the plume to be at 1000 feet and over thirty miles long. As the days wore on and the steady convoy of rescue vehicles slowly dissipated so did that horrid plume. What will not disipate or wear down is the memory of that day and those who perished or will never be found, or every single New Yorker that gave one million percent. Personally, September 11th took a very real toll on me and my Family. My business suffered tremendously and so did my clients, but I am alive and my business is coming back. I look at my children and feel what I guess what our forefathers did in times of peril,ready to defend, this, the greatest country in the history of man with every thing I got, and when I'm dead use my bones as weapons to destroy the evil ones.

    Bartholomew Sweeney IV

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  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    At the very least...........................

    let's all have Old Glory flyin' HIGH!!!!! Mad Dog

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  • Steve Ebels
    Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
    That morning

    Andy and Mark were out on a service call and I had stayed home to work in the office on a Testo order. I had wrapped that up about 9:00 and went in the living room and flicked on CNN. (I'm a news junkie) I was watching when they switched over to a live feed after the first plane hit. Aaron Brown was the news guy and they were showing pictures of it buning over his shoulder while he was getting widely varying info on what had just happened. Then they came up with a tape of the first plane hitting and I thought to myself immeadiately that it wasn't an accident, it was planned. Also immeadiately remembered that the rag heads (pardon the slur but those who did this weren't a good representation of the Arab race) had tried to blow up the WTC once before.

    Andy and Mark drove up and I ran out to the drive and hollered for them to come in quick. We had just sat down when the second plane came screaming into the picture and slammed into the other tower.

    I'll never forget the feeling of rage that swept over me when that happened. All those lives. All those innocent lives. All the husbands. All the people who wouldn't ever again feel a hug from someone they had loved. All the mothers and fathers that wouldn't be there for their kids. All the pain. All the blind rage that those thoughts generated in me. We couldn't nuke'em fast enough to suit me. Just shoot everything we had and kill 'em all. That was all I could think about. Just revenge, revenge, revenge!! Death and destruction to all of them. We sat and watched. Silent.... to shocked to even speak to each other. Then the towers fell and an image of pure revulsion formed in my mind as I thought of the people in the towers as they realized they were not going to make it out. Feeling the floor giving way under their feet. Free falling along with millions of pounds of steel and concrete until they were pulverized by it. Rage. Hatred. Vengance.

    Then I remembered a verse from the Bible that calmed me about instantly. It says "Vengance is mine", says the Lord, "I will repay". And He will. Niether I, nor anyone else has to worry about extracting justice from those who perpetrated this mindless act. God's justice will be perfectly measured and perfectly carried out.
    The thing that bothers me most is that these brainwashed idiots claim to have carried this out in the name of god. They have no idea who or what God is if they carry out an act like that supposedly in His will. They blaspheme His holy name by claiming His authority.

    Must we fight them? Must we send our finest into harms way to root them out? Most assuredly. We have to defend ourselves with all vigor and means. But do we do it for revenge? Much as we'd like to, we can't take revenge on those who actually commited the act. That's where the verse came in. Those idiots had placed their immortal souls into the hands of the Living God. His mercy is perfect but so also is His justice. To those who deny Him, the justice side of the scale is terrible beyond our worst nightmares of hell. 70 virgins did not await them in the next life.

    We sat spellbound til after noon. I called the people we were supposed to go to that day and cancelled. It didn't seem right to go to work. It seemed disrespectful to those who had just lost their lives. We just went to our warehouse and cleaned and swept floors and washed the trucks. I would have hated to installed anything that day. I know it would have had dozens of mistakes. We just couldn't concentrate. We were numb.

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  • Patrick_2
    Patrick_2 Member Posts: 26

    I am with you Mad Dog!! That is one thing that is pissing me off lately, flags are coming down and are not on as many cars as in the past. Why?? Are people actually forgetting about this terror??? Are they not as proud as we are to be Americans??? Or is it that they don't want to mess up the paint on the cars paint job??? I do not understand this. I have always, and always will display Old Glory with pride to my dieing day. I feel strongly about this, it is such a easy way to display your pride and the sorrow you feel for all who have lost someone on that tragic day.
  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595

    you know what it is: complacency, apathy, and selfishness. Unfortunately most people don't show the proper reaction until something is either totally lost or on the verge. Look at most Americans today: Memorial Day = just another day of shopping, camping, whatever. That is why I hope they never make 11 Sept 2001 a day off, because it will soon be bastardized by the same ilk of people that care little for our history or future. I believe that a lot of these people do love the U.S.A., but what are they doing to show it - not much! The American way of life is not a given thing and must be preserved - every day - by all. Are you goin' to the Gathering??? Mad Dog

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  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    On Sunday 8 September The New York State Guard

    is being honored along with the National Guard and the Naval militia for outstanding response to 11 Sep 2001. Actually, our CO, Lt Col. Whalen was the first military personnell on the scene. Governor Pataki will be awarding all the deserving folks different medals and honors. I will be in our unit's color guard...in either of two positions: Hoistin' Old Glory; or, the end position with rifle duty. I'm looking foward to it, and I'm sure a lot of tears will be shed that day. Mad Dog

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  • steve gates
    steve gates Member Posts: 329
    proud of you

    real men shed real tears
  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog Member Posts: 2,595
    Thanks Steve.......

    It will be a proud moment, but it is the least I can do. We're losing men and women every week...even just in transport plane crashes and stuff. George W is about to extend the National Guard's activation another year - many will lose positions in their civilian jobs, and many will be in danger of losing their homes. Let's not forget any of these good American's and help them in any way we can - They keep America free!!!!!!!!With this upcoming Invasion of Iraq, we all need to brace ourselves, be ready for anything, and see how we can aid our country in any way. Mad Dog

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