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Quiet Side boiler

Hi Everyone,

I am a long time wall reader, and this is my first post. Quietside has a website you can download manuals from it is www.quietside.com, just look to the right it is in yellow. I have been looking at theese boilers for my brother in-law, who is planning to sell them for his company. I have yet to see one, and my biggest concern with them are the pumps, expansion tanks, and other componets. It looks from the manual that they are unique to this boiler and I wonder if alot of the suply houses will have them when they wear out.

Your Friend,
Noel Anderson


  • Deb McCarthy
    Deb McCarthy Member Posts: 4
    Quiet Side boiler

    HI Folks, this is from a long time lurker. I am a service tech. in Lancaster, Pa. for a large N.E. fuel co. We techs here in Amish country are having problems with an oil boiler new to us, its called QuietSide. We inherited this thing via a no hot water service call a few wks. ago. A red inspection light comes on when the boiler ceases to operate, we turn the power off/on and the boiler runs fine for about a wk. As you folks know this "service procedure" cannot continue much longer. What we really need is to lay our hands on an installation/service manual to trouble-shoot this unfamiliar unit. We have contacted local distributors and the California office of QuietSide but came up empty handed. I am not asking for a diagnosis of any kind, however, I would appreciate advice and/or information concerning this boiler.
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909

    I just heard about the unit a month ago. Haven't seen one but I will call the wholesaler that handels them tomorrow and see if I can get my hands on something for you.

    I posted a while back about this unit and someone replied that had some experience with the boiler.

    Try looking "quietside" up in the archives.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help!

    Mark H

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  • Frank_5
    Frank_5 Member Posts: 49
    HEY MAD DOG>>>>

    what would you do if this was a horse??? Personally, I never heard of this brand.
  • John Miles
    John Miles Member Posts: 2
    Boiler problems

    Please call me at 562-463-0880 x229, I am the Technical Director at Quietside.
    I will also email the section on the troubleshooting to you.
    The red inspection light is indicative of a flame failure or ignition problem.
    The website will be getting all the manuals as we continue to publish them to help you guys out.


  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    There You Go Jack

    Is this the place or what ???

    Tell us what you find, in case we come across it also. Thats how this place works, you get help, you come back and help others. :)

    Good Luck


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  • flashflood_2
    flashflood_2 Member Posts: 2

    I think Thomas Sommerville is the supplier selling these in this area
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