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Home Theatre Cooling Question!

Jamie_6 Member Posts: 710
We are currently bidding a job to heat & cool a home theatre! We are bidding the heat w/ quic trac radiant, but the problem is trying to cool such a small load. The room only requires 7,382 BTU's of cooling! Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Eric
    Eric Member Posts: 95


    mitsubishi and others make small AC units.
  • Jamie Pompetti
    Jamie Pompetti Member Posts: 82

    We had looked @ Sanyo but a lot of these small cooling units seem to have self protecting features to eliminate compressor problems. If there are only 2 people instead of the designed 12 then the load drops drastically. Meaning the unit would probably start pumping liquid back to the compressor and the machine would shut it-self off to prevent damage. Then the room will not cool / dehumidify.
  • Dan Foley1
    Dan Foley1 Member Posts: 55

    Be careful with your load calcs on a home theater. Where are the amp racks located? How about the projector? Many times the load from those two items alone is greater than the space and occupant load. I have done several home theaters. I have had good results using a Carrier variable speed air handler (FK4CNF001) connected to a 12,000 BTU condenser. I oversize the ductwork approximately 15-20% to keep noise to a minimum. Be sure to install a crankcase heater and a low ambient kit. The Mitsubishi and Sanyo units are excellent quality and are quiet but in my opinion, they are still too noisy for a home theater. Good luck! -DF
  • don_9
    don_9 Member Posts: 395

    Are they not over size 95% of the time anyway.We get caught up in the efficency trap.Big dry coil getting rid of the senible,that is gone after the frist 50% of run time the coils finally get wet then it start working on the humidity.Its funny the sun go down the system turn off on the tstat,dam its still feel muggy oh well lets turn down the stat the coils wet the air pick up water and it bring upthe humidity because its five minute before the compressor come back on,but the manuf say its for efficency purpose Hmmm, Our customer can care less about efficency if they not comfortable.And belive me it get worse has the home get tighter.so what I am trying to say is who care if it oversize,If you control your fan speed with varible speed and control your superheat with a expansion valve and adjust your superheat so you get no flood back or freezing you will be ok.And to zero in on the comfort add a humidista
    I am with dan on this one.Any how that my opinion.don
  • Boilerpro
    Boilerpro Member Posts: 410
    Have you looked at the Ductless split systems

    I recommend these to churches all the time for large open spaces. Very Quiet ( the good ones) and very efficient...no ductwork losses. I believe there was a recently introduced a model line by Mitsubishi or maybe Sanyo that allows five or six indoor units to be connected to one compressor ( not several compressors in one box like before)and it can vary its output. I'm no A/C expert but thier worth a try.

  • Heatermon
    Heatermon Member Posts: 119
    Panasonic ductless

    are also quiet enough for a home theatre system and come in low sizes for this small space.


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  • kf_2
    kf_2 Member Posts: 118
    I agree with Dan

    there are more things in this room to add to the heat gain than meets the eye. Killowat ratings of all the equipment, and 300-400 BTU's per person add up quickly.

    You have probably figured these but I remember a job way back when I didn't.

    Just be careful

  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    Don't forget about the dust...

    You should consider some form of advanced media air filtration or electronic air cleaners for this space, especially if they allow smoking while watching the tube. All that high end gear is very sensitive to dust and smoke. The other posters are correct...these toys put out a lot of heat, especially projectors. Good luck!
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