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question on oil tank sludge???

Steve Eayrs
Steve Eayrs Member Posts: 424
I have a theroy, which says there will be less sludge in a fuel oil tank, when only using a single line piping, w/ no warmer return piping going back to the boiler. We usually plan on using "tigerloops" anyway, so we do not end up with less of a system.
It seems to me that I have seen a noticable difference on sludge on above ground tanks, and would think that with outdoor winter temp's and slightly warmed oil, this would be true. ...... I don't really know if I'm just seeing things or not......or if theirs any proof out there, or studies that have been made on this subject??????????
I just may be feeding the customers a line????


  • Damon
    Damon Member Posts: 32
    I know this is old but I ran across it and have some input

    Bacteria thrive at certain temps but typically on the warmer side. Think of why your fridge us cold... I'm not sure exactly what type of bacteria thrives on fuel oil but I would agree that the warmer the worse things get. Actually it's the temp cycling which is worse. Low temp = condensation which feeds the bugs. Warm bugs are happy growing bugs :)
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